A Network of People Can Make a World of Difference

We are that network of people.  A passionate group of mums, dads, health professionals, students and others committed to making a real difference – dedicated to bringing about a 70% reduction in child maltreatment by the year 2030 – hence why we are the 70/30 Campaign.

To achieve this we need to prevent the maltreatment of children before it happens by tackling its root causes. This means providing support to parents who may be struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic problems or other issues. Early, effective support can help mums and dads to deal with these issues and will reduce overall levels of child harm.

The 70/30 campaign was started by and is supported by renowned primary prevention charity WAVE Trust. WAVE has over 2 decades of  research knowledge and experience in understanding the root causes of child maltreatment. WAVE creates ground-breaking preventive solutions and works with local partners to pilot them.

The 70/30 goal was created after WAVE received support from its partners and experts who agreed that 70/30 is achievable IF the right policies and actions are taken by decision makers and those holding the purse strings. The 70/30  Ambassador Network was formed to make 70/30 a reality.

People power is what will make system change happen in our communities to protect babies, and in doing so reduce social inequality and relieve pressure on squeezed local budgets.

Did you know that during their lifetime, more than 1 in 5 children will suffer significant abuse or neglect? 90% of them will receive no help at all.

But Together We Can Help.  Here’s How to Get Involved…

Join the 70/30 Network

Becoming a 70/30 ambassador means pushing for change and making a real stand against child abuse. We’re recruiting passionate and driven ambassadors to do just that, no experience required! We’ll provide all the guidance and training you’ll need for your time with us. Discover more about our ambassador programme here.

Our ambassadors are at the very centre of what the 70/30 stands for. If you have the time and dedication and find yourself at a loss for ambassador groups in your local area, then why not start a group of your own?

Make a Pledge

To make a pledge is to make a difference, no matter how small. A pledge is a promise to do your part in your community to help reduce child abuse and assist those in need. Click here to find out more about making a pledge and to see a few of the ways you can begin to make a difference today.


We’re in this for the long haul and donations are a critical part of that. Donations enable all of our work to happen – from recruiting new ambassadors to creating the resources we all need to advocate for child abuse prevention. Click here to visit our donation page. Thank you for your support!

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