Meet the Ambassadors

Get to know the UK’s fastest growing network of volunteers passionate about reducing child abuse and neglect. Our 70/30 ambassadors are our pride and joy.

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Rose Worley

70/30 Blogger

“I hope to use my blogs to raise awareness for 70/30!”

Sai Sanjana Ragunath

70/30 Group Coordinator for Nottingham

“I’m looking forward to where we can take this campaign!”

Alex Williamson

70/30 APPG Coordinator & Ambassador for Hampshire

“I’m excited to see where this Campaign can go!”

Anthony Pallett

70/30 Group Coordinator for Medway, Kent

“I’m excited to see the 70/30 Campaign really take off in Medway! “

Janak Lodhia

70/30 Ambassador for Leicester

“I got involved with 70/30 because I was looking for experience working for a charity and learning about…

Linda Dee

70/30 Group Coordinator for Reading

“As a public health practitioner, I had been looking for a lead on preventative work in promoting infant mental health…

Antonella Sansone

70/30 Group Coordinator for Tooting

“What really drew me to 70/30 is its eagerness for action, the challenge to get as many people as possible…

Michael Khajeh-Noori

70/30 Group Coordinator for Sussex

“As I rapidly fell to the ground from 16,000 feet (albeit in tandem), I closed my eyes and thought of the difference…

Daphne Cotton

70/30 Ambassador for Richmond & Kingston

“My journey to the 70/30 campaign started over 15 years ago…

Rob Robinson

70/30 Group Coordinator for Axminster, Devon

“I saw an advert back in 2015 asking if I wanted to make…

Andie Gbedemah

70/30 Ambassador for Wandsworth & Blogger

“After reading about WAVE and the 70/30 campaign…

Sam Lawes

70/30 Ambassador for Battersea

“As part of the 70/30 team, I cannot wait to see 70/30 take off in my own community!”

Sarah Kingham

70/30 Ambassador 
for Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Emily Traynor

70/30 Ambassador for Axminster

“I’m going to bring my love for art to the 70/30 cause!”

Geraldine Leydon

70/30 Ambassador 
for Manchester

Annette Hargreaves

70/30 Ambassador 
for Manchester

Michelle Jones

70/30 Ambassador 
for Caerphilly

“I can’t wait to see 70/30 really take off in Caerphilly”

Sara Martínez

70/30 Group Coordinator for Croydon

“I know there are some truly wonderful things happening already in Croydon…”

Rachel Gardner

70/30 Group Coordinator for South Yorkshire

Founder & Director of Forging Families charity (Sheffield)

Becca Moore

70/30 Ambassador
for Tower Hamlets

“I joined this amazing campaign because working as a Perinatal Psychiatrist I work with women and their families every day …”

Michelle Bromley

70/30 Ambassador for Burnley

In my work with my Doula not for profit I work with some of the most vulnerable women. I see the real difference true support and knowledge can make. When I saw this campaign it was a simple “Yes” to being involved.”

Vivien Sabel

70/30 Ambassador 
for Harrogate

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are insidious. I’m supporting this campaign in order to promote awareness of this and the costly impact of early experiences…”

                                          Rob’s Story

“Having grown up in a very toxic home life since I can remember, I took the decision to leave home at 14 and became one of London’s ‘elite’ homeless people. Living off begging and stealing, I even picked up convictions for theft (all of which were food) and knowing I was homeless the authorities decided I was of no fixed abode and a problem for the people of London.

This led to a period in Borstal as a 16 year old boy. I was scared witless. I hated it. I had managed to gain unnecessary attention, which left me fighting for my life.

THAT WAS IT!!! Something had to change, I had to change, I had to make a difference to myself and be the person I wanted to be…”

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