Meet some of our Ambassadors

Get to know the UK’s fastest growing network of volunteers passionate about reducing child abuse and neglect. Our 70/30 ambassadors are our pride and joy.

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Rose Worley

70/30 Blogger

“I hope to use my blogs to raise awareness for 70/30!”

Sai Sanjana Ragunath

70/30 Ambassador for Nottingham

“I’m looking forward to where we can take this campaign!”

Alex Williamson

70/30 APPG Development Officer & Ambassador for Hampshire

Whilst I don’t share the vocational background of many of my fellow ambassadors, I was …”

Anthony Pallett

70/30 Group Coordinator for Medway, Kent

“I’m excited to see the 70/30 Campaign really take off in Medway! “

Janak Lodhia

70/30 Ambassador for Leicester

“I got involved with 70/30 because I was looking for experience working for a charity and…”

Linda Dee

70/30 Ambassador for Reading

“As a public health practitioner, I had been looking for a lead on preventative work in promoting…”

Antonella Sansone

70/30 Ambassador for Tooting

“What really drew me to 70/30 is its eagerness for action, the challenge to get as many…”

Michael Khajeh-Noori

70/30 Ambassador for Sussex

“As I rapidly fell to the ground from 16,000 feet (albeit in tandem), I closed my eyes…”

Daphne Cotton

70/30 Ambassador for Richmond & Kingston

“My journey to the 70/30 campaign started over 15 years ago…

Rob Robinson

70/30 Group Coordinator for Axminster, Devon

“I saw an advert back in 2015 asking if I wanted to make…

Andie Gbedemah

70/30 Ambassador for Wandsworth & Blogger

“After reading about WAVE and the 70/30 campaign…

Sam Lawes

70/30 Ambassador for Battersea

“As part of the 70/30 team, I cannot wait to see 70/30 take off in my own community!”

Emily Traynor

70/30 Ambassador for Axminster

“I’m going to bring my love for art to the 70/30 cause!”

Sarah Kingham

70/30 Ambassador
for Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Geraldine Leydon

70/30 Ambassador for Manchester

Annette Hargreaves

70/30 Ambassador for Manchester

Vivien Sabel

70/30 Ambassador
for Harrogate

“Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are insidious. I’m supporting this campaign …”

70/30 Ambassador for Bury North

“I am so grateful for 70/30. I believe it puts awareness and understanding the effects of …”

Rachel Gardner

70/30 Ambassador for South Yorkshire

Founder & Director of Forging Families charity (Sheffield)

Becca Moore

70/30 Ambassador for
Tower Hamlets

“I joined this amazing campaign because working as a Perinatal Psychiatrist I work with and…”

Amanda Walsh

70/30 Ambassador for Reading

Hello my name is Amanda and I come from Reading and have a background in health care…”

Michelle Bromley

70/30 Ambassador for Burnley

In my work with my Doula not for profit I work with some of the most vulnerable women…”

Alan Keane

70/30 Ambassador for Perth

I have gotten involved in the 70/30 campaign as the evidence is now emphatic that …”

Jude Brown

70/30 Ambassador for Staffordshire

I am a part time teacher and also run my own company, Nurture in Mind Ltd’ delivering Mindful …”

Kevin Denvir

70/30 Ambassador for Orkney

My previous experience as a teacher, business owner, foster carer and adoptive parent…

Imogen Gowers

70/30 Ambassador for Reading

I have a strong passion for caring about people, and believe the future generation are wort …

Martha Abbasi

70/30 Ambassador for Glasgow 

When I heard about the 70/30 Campaign it really made sense. What I wanted out of it was …”

Lara Fincken

70/30 Ambassador for Reading

I have been working with young people and their families for the past four years…”

Rosemary Croft

70/30 Ambassador for Reading

I have some friends with mental illness, and some who really struggle with life, and it so…”

Isabelle Butcher

70/30 Ambassador for

Conducting research examining the relationship between trauma, attachment and symptoms of…”

Linda Brown

70/30 Ambassador for
Glasgow & Edinburgh

As a retired Nursery Nurse I have always had a passion for pedagogy and have been…”

70/30 Ambassador for
West Kent

For me, 70/30 perfectly and powerfully articulates my deep longing for…”

                                          Rob’s Story

“Having grown up in a very toxic home life since I can remember, I took the decision to leave home at 14 and became one of London’s ‘elite’ homeless people. Living off begging and stealing, I even picked up convictions for theft (all of which were food) and knowing I was homeless the authorities decided I was of no fixed abode and a problem for the people of London.

This led to a period in Borstal as a 16 year old boy. I was scared witless. I hated it. I had managed to gain unnecessary attention, which left me fighting for my life.

THAT WAS IT!!! Something had to change, I had to change, I had to make a difference to myself and be the person I wanted to be…”

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