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So what could a Million social aware butterflies do?
I'm listening what can we do together...#ACEAwareNation #homelessness #love #kindness @Prev_Justice @JohnCarnochan @JonslaterJon @karynmccluskey @glasgowcathcart @KeeganSmith_Law @princess_missy_ @vruscotland @DirectorVRU

If you really must give these little people a label, please make it 'distressed', not 'disruptive'. They are not a 'problem' they are people. Little people. #littlepeoplematter

If you work with children I highly recommend you watch this. It’s so important to keep a child’s wellbeing at the heart of what we do #aceawareness #resilience

79 tickets need to sell for this screening to go ahead in #edinburgh Please retweet #resilience #ACEAwarenation

A thank you for everyone who’s been interested in the #MoreThanMyTrauma conference with @BDPerry in September 2020. Want to know more? Sign up with

Would all of my social work colleagues and friends please retweet and publicise as widely as possible. Or apply yourself! New Professor of Social Work post at @UniStrathclyde. The social work team would love to welcome you.

An always available adult in whom you trust - if a child's parents can't or don't take that role, then for the long term benefit of the human being concerned and society as a whole, we need to support nurturing relationships in school #attachment

Governments and local authorities too! Decisions made locally can prevent ACEs but only if the understanding is there! Well done again @HighlandCouncil for leading the way! @OrkneyCouncil @ACEAwareNation

We agree. School communities need to recognise when distressed behaviour is trauma and treat everyone with kindness, compassion and connection. We can be the buffering adults they need to keep them on the right track. #ACEs #traumainformed #nurturegroups

12 yrs in Children’s Court in Smithfield has taught me that young men fall into substance misuse so easily and often to mask trauma. Investing in education, sport, mental health and adolescent drug projects so important. Mentors, advocates and role models also key #thehardesthit

Our final #SaltireWomen Inductee is Chief Executive of @ComJusScot @karynmccluskey . Karyn was also Director of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit for the last decade, which proposed a different way of addressing violence in Scotland.

Just inspiring! This is a must watch for educators, parents and anyone who wants to live in a healthy society. @BurnsidePS & Mr.Murray you remind us so much of @CrockettElem &Principal @SHannafin in Arizona. Keep up the great work! #mindfulness #traumainformed #ACEAwareNation