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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou. This remarkable quote begs the question, how does it feel to be invisible? #notgoodenough

Amazing! What a raw depiction of the story of a family affected by familial imprisonment. The whole family needs to be supported pre and post release

Positive reflection on the role of Prison Visiting Centres like @HMPBarLVisitors

Thank you for your brilliant break out session this afternoon! Amazing to hear of all the great work around ensuring dad and baby get to bond and establish a relationship. #learnthroughplay

Please watch and share this fantastic animation on trauma informed practice by NHS Health Education @AcesScotland @NHSHealthScot @normanlamb @Jeremy_Hunt @WAVE_Trust @7030Campaign @GM_HSC @gmpolice @SuptMatShaer @StanGilmour @deependgp

We had a lovely meeting with @KirstySNP and @NeilGrayMP this morning... thanks so much for your support!


watch babies' pointing - it's a clue to their interest, showing they're ready to learn - have a look at this helpful little clip: #parents #earlylearning #pimh #development

@KeeganSmith_Law @sallycroachy @lenabellina @realdcameron @jazampawfarr @WL_AcesHub "ACEs become more common in a society that fails to recognise t stressors within childrn's worlds." @JKnussen @bainsfordht @ElaineSLSDundee

@KeeganSmith_Law @sallycroachy @lenabellina @realdcameron @jazampawfarr "A fragile self-regulatory system makes it difficult for a person to comfort him/herself in the midst of intense emotions." @WL_AcesHub

@KeeganSmith_Law @sallycroachy @lenabellina @realdcameron @jazampawfarr "Stress becomes toxic for all of us if we have no one to whom we can turn for help. This is especially the case for children."

Lawyers need to understand this stuff otherwise we will continue to fail people we claim we are trying to help. Compassion beyond the court. 🗣💨👂🏼⚖️

Really interesting article....
"biological effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and the implications for law and society" by @suzannezeedyk & Ian Smith ( @KeeganSmith_Law) #ACEs