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Highly recommend listing to this fascinating talk by @janehmul who we are delighted to announce has recently joined our 70/30 network! A fantastic continuation to our recent national LIVE call on #ACEs and the criminal justice system #Trauma #ACEAware

I am honoured to endorse @7030Campaign via @WAVE_Trust. We all have a duty to reduce child maltreatment. We need better resource to tackle causes of poor attachment. Is your MP on this list Urge them to join and be active member @first1001days

This links well to the Scottish Health Priority 2 emphasising the importance of early years #GCUNurse Have you heard to the 70/30 campaign? @7030Campaign

The impact on children living in households with domestic abuse, parental substance misuse and mental health issues is highlighted in our latest Voices of Children report

Another great contribution towards reducing @ACEAwareNation ACEs and preparing our children for more successful lives. @7030Campaign @suzannezeedyk @GailRossSNP @bbcorkney @Liam4Orkney @tavishscott @MareeToddMSP @sallycroachy

Great infographic from @7030Campaign on the long-term impacts of childhood trauma. #abuseinsport

This autumn we're looking to connect with health professionals in South Manchester to chat about childhood trauma & our response to it. If you know health professionals in this area, let us know. We want as many people involved in this conversation as possible @7030Campaign

Please take a minute to like our Facebook page @ACEAawareMCR We're going to uploading as much information as possible to and it'll be a great way to find out more what's happening @7030Campaign @EmotionFocus @CllrMaryM @CllrSLynch @TimpFoundation

Good work @orlaithiflynnsf - much 2be gained thru all-island collaboration 2improve Child &Adolescent Mental Health, particularly thru reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences across Ireland #ACEs @IrishAttachment @connectedfrlife @7030Campaign @mfearonsf

If you’ve never been profoundly depressed in your life, you’ll have no idea what it feels like to be depressed.

Our internal frame of reference will be limited, as it’s an experience you can’t educate people in!

“Those who have recovered, can light the spark in prevention.”

@laura_corbeth @RespectYourself @7030Campaign Aint that the truth! Even seemingly more benign abuse shapes our outlook in surreptitious ways.

I work with young people, the experiences they share 😳 just this week “we didnt get told off for fighting cos thats just life” said kid after getting attacked by peer.

Looking forward to meeting other @7030Campaign Ambassadors for Manchester in September in Withington. It’ll be a great chance to catch up, share plans with each other & encourage each other to keep trying to make a difference. #onecaringadult