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“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” - Maya Angelou. This remarkable quote begs the question, how does it feel to be invisible? #notgoodenough

Amazing! What a raw depiction of the story of a family affected by familial imprisonment. The whole family needs to be supported pre and post release

Positive reflection on the role of Prison Visiting Centres like @HMPBarLVisitors

Thank you for your brilliant break out session this afternoon! Amazing to hear of all the great work around ensuring dad and baby get to bond and establish a relationship. #learnthroughplay

Please watch and share this fantastic animation on trauma informed practice by NHS Health Education @AcesScotland @NHSHealthScot @normanlamb @Jeremy_Hunt @WAVE_Trust @7030Campaign @GM_HSC @gmpolice @SuptMatShaer @StanGilmour @deependgp

We had a lovely meeting with @KirstySNP and @NeilGrayMP this morning... thanks so much for your support!


watch babies' pointing - it's a clue to their interest, showing they're ready to learn - have a look at this helpful little clip: #parents #earlylearning #pimh #development

@KeeganSmith_Law @sallycroachy @lenabellina @realdcameron @jazampawfarr @WL_AcesHub "ACEs become more common in a society that fails to recognise t stressors within childrn's worlds." @JKnussen @bainsfordht @ElaineSLSDundee

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We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to make a pledge and can’t wait to hear how you plan to make a difference in your community. It’s important to spread the word and get the message heard, so we ask that you let others know of the task you plan to undertake and the difference you hope to make. Remember to include #pledgefor7030 and tag @7030Campaign.

Need Some Inspiration?

Support in Times of Need

Offer to be an emergency contact for someone.

Provide information about local family support services.

Get groceries for someone who’s in need of support.

Provide emotional support for someone in need.

Support a new parent e.g. offer to babysit or provide childcare or cook them a meal.

Ask a school head teacher to host a community resource night so that you and other parents can see what your community offers.

Parental Resilience

Join a new parenting group.

Make time for yourself / have some ‘you time’ e.g. take a nap, read, do something you love!

Arrange a date night with your partner.

Use positive thinking e.g. tell yourself that you are doing a great job/ the best that you can.

Offer to help friends/neighbours with chores so they get a break to recharge their batteries.

Social and Emotional Competence in Children

Celebrate and support the achievements of your children.

Encourage a child to teach you something new.

Give your child a hug.

Read with your child.

Knowledge of Childhood and Parenting

Subscribe to a magazine or online newsletter about parenting and child development.

Join a local parenting class.

Share information about ways to prevent child maltreatment through your social media channels (twitter or Facebook).

Click here to access some of WAVE Trust’s resources!

Social Connections

Meet your neighbour.

Organise a local activity in your community.

Join a new community group.

Link up to an existing community service.

Make some time to see your friends/family in a social setting.

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