We’re Launching a Local 70/30 Group in Croydon!

We’re Launching a Local 70/30 Group in Croydon!

It’s official and very, very exciting…we’re setting up a 70/30 group in Croydon this April and we want you! 

Let’s make Croydon the best place to live for young families!

We want the people of Croydon to join the fight to have a safer, happier place for our children to grow up in.

We invite you to come and meet us at 61 Friends Road Croydon (near the police station) on Wednesday 12th April 2017 from 5.30 pm onwards to learn more and see whether becoming a 70/30 Ambassador is for you. Join us for a nibble and a chat and meet your neighbours.

For more details on the event, see Croydon Voluntary Action’s webpage here and here  

If you would like more information on the 70/30 campaign check out the rest of our website at www.70-30.org.uk or to speak to someone from the 70/30 team directly (Sara or Anthoulla) phone 020 8688 3773.

MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak Shares his Support for 70/30

MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak Shares his Support for 70/30

Steve McCabe MP for Birmingham, Selly Oaks has today shown his support for the 70/30 Campaign.

Steve joins another 18 MPs also endorsing 70/30 and becomes the first MP in the Birmingham area to do so. You can see the full list on the website here.

To find out more about Steve’s local work in Selly Oak, you can follow him on Twitter @steve_mccabe. You can also visit his website at http://www.stevemccabe-mp.org.uk/


Sarah Olney MP for Richmond Park Endorses the 70/30 Campaign

Sarah Olney MP for Richmond Park Endorses the 70/30 Campaign

On Saturday 25th March 70/30 Ambassador for Richmond, Daphne Cotton met local MP, Sarah Olney to discuss 70/30.

Daphne (left), along with her friend and Kingston Hospital Midwife, Chris Taylor (right) went along to speak with Sarah (centre) about the work they are doing within the Richmond area to promote the 70/30 Campaign in an effort to gain local support for primary prevention.

Sarah, who recently delivered an arousing speech in Parliament on International Women’s Day, commending the “everyday achievements of women“, described amongst others as giving birth and raising a child in the first stages of its life, expressed tremendous enthusiasm and support for the campaign and its goal.

Sarah now joins another 17 MPs across the country endorsing the 70/30 campaign and has committed to bringing the 70/30 agenda to her upcoming meeting with the new CEO of merged Richmond and Kingston CCG’s. She has also said that she is happy to support any future event Daphne and other ambassadors in the area might do locally.

Chris Taylor, with 30 years of experience as a midwife at Kingston Hospital, was a great addition to the meeting. She talked about how antenatal classes were abolished 10 years ago and some reinstated about 5 years ago but which must now be paid for. She runs a set of 3 classes (2 .5 hrs each) for which attendees must pay £150.

To see Sarah and all other endorsers of the 70/30 campaign visit https://www.70-30.org.uk/endorsements/Additionally, you can watch Sarah’s speech on International Women’s Day in its entirety by clicking here

To follow local 70/30 activity in the Richmond area and see how you can get involved, follow @daphnecotton26 on Twitter now. 

Stevenage ambassador, Sarah Kingham launches #ThursdayThoughts

Stevenage ambassador, Sarah Kingham launches #ThursdayThoughts

70/30 Ambassador for Stevenage and Founder of Social Enterprise, Sarah Kingham has launched her newest social media campaign, #ThursdayThoughts.

Readit2 is a tried and tested one-to-one reading programme that improves the reading of two to five year-olds, enabling all children to enter school as reading equals. Readit2 trains adults to inspire children to love to read.

Sarah’s “Thought for Thursday” fun, bite-size videos offer parents and primary carers of a child an opportunity to reflect on how to best optimise their child’s learnings through the joyful activity of reading.

Watch Sarah’s videos every Thursday and get some wonderful tips and ideas on how to make reading lots of fun for your child! Make sure to show your support for her work by sharing the videos using #ThursdayThoughts.

You can watch Sarah’s videos and learn more about her work with Readit2 by following her on Twitter @Kingham4Sarah and on Facebook /readit2

Alternatively, if you would like to get involved with the 70/30 Campaign in Stevenage please contact Sarah directly via her Twitter or Facebook channels.


WAVE Trust’s CEO George Hosking Presents on How the Early Years Can Shape Human Relationships at SCCR Conference in Glasgow

WAVE Trust’s CEO George Hosking Presents on How the Early Years Can Shape Human Relationships at SCCR Conference in Glasgow

Founder and CEO of the WAVE Trust charity, George Hosking recently presented at the Scottish Conflict Resolution Centre‘s conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The national, annual conference which took place in February this year had as its main topic of discussion, ‘transforming conflict – nurturing human relationships’. 

An economist, psychologist and clinical criminologist George Hosking founded WAVE Trust in 1996 to bring a business strategy approach to the challenge of reducing violence and child abuse. He has since been an advisor to the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments.

George’s presentation on the day largely focused on the importance of early years, and in particular the receiving of empathy and nurture during one’s childhood, in influencing the quality of human relationships a child goes on to have in later life.

You can see the full video of the presentation at http://scottishconflictresolution.org.uk/conferences/nurturing-human-relationships-2017

For more information on the work of SCCR, visit their website and follow them on Twitter @SCCRCentre