Tooting Ambassador, Antonella Sansone Enjoys Meeting with Local Councillor, Antonia Dunn to Talk 70/30

Tooting Ambassador, Antonella Sansone Enjoys Meeting with Local Councillor, Antonia Dunn to Talk 70/30

Tooting ambassador, Antonella Sansone enjoyed a great meeting in a local coffee shop with local Councillor, Antonia Dunn on Friday morning.

Antonia expressed her interest in supporting the 70/30 Grassroots Campaign by any means possible. She was open and receptive and shared with Antonella her own birth experiences and the level of hospitals’ neglect of birthing mothers’ needs and how this impacts on bonding and a baby’s well-being.

The campaign’s ethos, goals and preventive strategies made much sense to her and she related them to her personal experience of motherhood and those of many mothers in London suffering from isolation and long working hours depriving them of quality time with their children. Antonia has kindly offered to put us in touch with two people managing early years projects and has said she is likely to be willing to support the campaign.


Looks like we may have yet another 70/30 endorser on the cards! What a wonderful way to see in the Bank Holiday Weekend   A massive congratulations Antonella – great work!

70/30 Group Launches in Croydon

70/30 Group Launches in Croydon

Croydon Group Coordinators, Sara Martínez and Anthoulla Koutsoudi from WAVE Trust held their first meeting for the launch of a local group in the area.

The event took place on Wednesday 12th April at WAVE’s Croydon-based office. The team celebrated a great turnout with 7 Croydon locals turning up for the meeting on the evening. All who attended showed a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment for the Campaign and are ready to start taking actions for 70/30 in their community.

Amongst those who attended were Charlotte Davies from Croydon-based charity, Fit 2 Learn, Home-Start UK Trustee, Sally Cloves and local Croydon parent, Sparkle Bulku.

If you live in or near Croydon and would like to know more about getting involved with the local 70/30 group, please contact Sara Martínez at Alternatively you can phone the team directly on 020 8688 3773 or fill in their form on the website at and someone will get back to you with more information.


Sheffield Charity, Forging Families Becomes a 70/30 Alliance Partner

Sheffield Charity, Forging Families Becomes a 70/30 Alliance Partner

We could not be more thrilled to announce that Forging Families has become an official 70/30 Alliance Partner.

Sheffield-based Forging Families is a charity which promotesHappy Families, Happy Babies through supporting, informing and acting as a voice for Sheffield families. To find out more about the work they do, visit their website You can also find them on Facebook @ForgingFamilies

They have a second website dedicated to Dads, ‘From Dads To Dads’ which provides expectant fathers and fathers with both real life experience cases and real-life, useful facts which can better prepare them for the journey ahead. Forging Families says the website is “embracing the wonders that are dads and to give dads all the knowledge they need through pregnancy, birth and becoming a dad.”

Founder and Director of Forging Families, Rachel Gardner says she’d very excited to be working alongside the 70/30 Campaign to ensure Sheffield is a happy, safe and thriving place for its families and children.

In support of the 70/30 Campaign, Forging Families will be publishing an infographic poster on 70/30 as soon as next week, so do keep an eye out for that! You’ll be able to access it via both their website and their Facebook page.

We cannot wait to begin this journey, working alongside Forging Families and we look forward to making 70/30 happen for the people of Sheffield.

Rachel has also become a 70/30 ambassador for Sheffield and is starting work on growing a local 70/30 group in the area! If you are based in or near Sheffield and are interested in finding out more about how you can get involved with Rachel’s group, please do contact us on 020 8688 3773 or email Alternatively you can email Rachel directly at

Chris Philp MP for South Croydon Becomes Our 20th MP to Endorse The 70/30 Campaign

Chris Philp MP for South Croydon Becomes Our 20th MP to Endorse The 70/30 Campaign

Following a meeting with WAVE’s very own Anthoulla Koutsoudi, South Croydon MP, Chris Philp has become the 20th MP to officially endorse the 70/30 Campaign.

We are, of course, absolutely delighted to have his support. Chris now joins fellow Croydon MP, Steve Reed in backing the campaign. This comes at a very important time, when the 70/30 team are working towards launching a local 70/30 group in the Croydon area.

Chris has also very kindly offered to publish a blog post on his website, expressing his support for the campaign, so keep an eye-out for that too!

Visit our endorsements page to see a full list of 70/30 endorsers. These include MPs, Councillors, local Mayors and organisations and charities.

For more information on how you can get involved with the Croydon group, please call us on 020 8688 3773.