'We can end child abuse worldwide. 70/30 in the UK is just the start'

The 70/30 Campaign Team

Meet the people behind 70/30.

George Hosking OBE

George Hosking OBE


Hello, I’m George. I founded WAVE in 1996. I am delighted to see the 70/30 grassroots campaign taking off so fast, all thanks to our brilliant Ambassadors and dedicated 70/30 staff. Before I set up WAVE I had a career in international business, solving challenging problems all over the globe. I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the challenge of ending child abuse on the planet. I gave up my business career to train as a clinical criminologist and worked with violent criminals in and after release from prison. All this, plus years of WAVE research, gave me a deep insight into the inter-generational cycles which drive violence and abuse in society. We can end child abuse worldwide – 70/30 in the UK is just the start.

What inspired you to set up the WAVE Trust charity?

When I had my own international business I gave 1% of the gross  profits each year to charities. In 1995,the year I donated to a children’s charity changed my life forever. I heard the President of that huge charity say that levels of child abuse since the Second World War had not decreased.  I went on a mission to find out why and then, to my shock, learned that all over the planet governments and charities wait until abuse happens and then try to help a minority of the damaged children. Finding no charity devoted to primary prevention led to me setting up WAVE.

How did the 70/30 Campaign come about?

WAVE created the 70/30 goal after receiving confirmation from early years academics, experts and practitioners, senior police officers, charities, think tanks and many others that this 70/30 goal is achievable IF the right policies and practices are adopted. The missing political will is already being developed and is increasing due to the actions of  the 70/30 Ambassadors. I know that they have the power to make 70/30 happen because I became involved in a social transformation project some years ago with astounding results. We are here to use that same model for 70/30, sharing what we know to help you achieve what you want for your areas.

Anthoulla Koutsoudi

Anthoulla Koutsoudi

Groups & Campaign Adviser

Hello, I’m Anthoulla. I was a Solicitor for many years before I first started volunteering for, and later joined, WAVE. My time here has helped me see that society has been looking for answers in the wrong places at the same time as it has been throwing £billions of our taxes into a bottomless pit. There is nothing more illogical than doing what we do – helping just a small fraction of the many damaged children, AFTER serious harm has happened to them, and hoping for better outcomes for society.

Why did you want to work for WAVE?

When I came across WAVE in 1998, its work grabbed me as the most logical and sensible way to prevent problems from ever beginning, or effectively healing them as soon as they arise. WAVE’s first class research helped me understand all the things that had gone ‘wrong’ in my life – why my father abandoned his family; why I married a violent, abusive man (first husband not current one!!); why I had low self esteem for most of my life.

Everything that happens in the first 2 years of one’s life can often lead to lifelong problems AND IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY for anyone. The 70/30 Ambassadors Network is a chance for all of us to effect big social change – preventing  damage to our children and reversing the decline of our communities.

What message would you most like to share through the 70/30 campaign?

‘Children do to society what is done to them’- (Dr Karl Menninger). I know that my violent ex-husband was damaged in childhood. He was not born that way. Every human being deserves a happy childhood.

Join the 70/30 Ambassadors Network – be 21st Century change-makers for a primary prevention reality.

Sara Martínez Calvo

Sara Martínez Calvo

Volunteer and Campaign Coordinator

Hi, I’m Sara and I am 70/30’s Campaign Coordinator. My role within the campaign involves engaging with, recruiting, training and supporting a large volunteer network of 70/30 ambassadors. I also run the campaign’s social media acitivity and lead on the production of key campaign materials. No two days are ever the same! I have been so humbled by the people I have met so far through this campaign and their incredible stories.

Why did you want to work for WAVE?

For many years now, I have been involved in a diverse range of volunteering programmes around the world. Although the programmes have been varied in nature, my interest has always been the well-being and safeguarding of children. I’ve never quite been willing to resign myself to tolerating a world in which children suffer at the hands of those they trust the most.

Incapable of entertaining the idea of any other career, when looking for employment in the charity sector, WAVE’s work really called out to me! The idea that I could be a part of something that not only strove to provide support and advice to parents, but had as its ultimate goal to prevent child maltreatment from ever occurring in the first place was both novel and wonderfully inspiring for me. I couldn’t not get involved!

My time working as a 70/30 Coordinator has been more rewarding than I could have ever hoped for and each day just gets better! The more we achieve, the more I realise that we really are going to make 70/30 a reality. Even better, I can say that I’ve helped to make it happen. How amazing is that?!

What do you hope to achieve through 70/30?

Through 70/30, I want to show the world how powerful people can truly be. That with appropriate mentoring and support, everybody is capable of being the parent they wish to be and bringing up the next generations we wish to see. Most importantly, I want for people to understand that we all have a role to play in bringing about this change, that this is everybody’s responsibility; this is not just about mums and dads or key political figures. This is about you and me!

Sam Lawes

Sam Lawes

Campaign & Projects

I’m Sam. I joined WAVE Trust, the charity behind the 70/30 campaign, from a background of political organising and Westminster politics. I love the urgency of elections, and the feeling you’re doing something genuinely worthwhile. But I’ve never been involved with anything so worthwhile or urgent as 70/30.

What do you love most about working with the 70/30 Campaign?

If we know how child abuse and neglect can be dramatically reduced — and we do — what job could possibly be more fulfilling than working with this network of wonderful and big-hearted people to bring such a reduction about?

We’re making great strides but we do need your support. See below for ways to get involved.

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