70/30 Ambassadors for Wandsworth, Antonella Sansone & Sam Lawes enjoyed a wonderfully successful meeting with local councillor, Cllr Paul White, yesterday to discuss working together to make 70/30 a reality in the borough of Wandsworth.

The group immediately found a lot of common ground. Ambassador, Sam Lawes said, “I feel Councillor White immediately connected with the 70/30 Campaign’s ethos and goals, and I’m really excited at the prospect of working together to promote long-term, preventive thinking and policies in Wandsworth.” The meeting lasted over 2 hours. Both Ambassadors were impressed by Councillor White’s in-depth engagement with the Campaign’s goals, and in particular his understanding of how housing pressures can create huge stress for vulnerable parents.

Antonella added, “I was glad Councillor White showed such interest in the links between the stress caused by housing shortages on some of the most vulnerable in our society and adverse impacts on mental health, pregnancy/foetus development, parenting and care-giving. We discussed our desire for people to understand the relevance of parents’ mental health and childhood outcomes to every aspect of our individual, family, social, political and economic life.”

If you’re based in Wandsworth and are interested in finding out how you can get involved with the group’s activities, please email Sam at battersea@70.30.org.uk or call Head Office on 020 8688 3773.

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