An enlightening Train Journey – the attuned family

An enlightening Train Journey – the attuned family

Sitting in the train from Haywards Heath to London. A pleasant and kind looking couple get on at Gatwick. They have their two sons with them – looks like a two year old and five year old.

Each child sits with a parent – the younger first sits content on his mother’s lap. The other sits next to his father. They are peaceful, content and calm children – mirror images of their parents who treat them with love and respect. Including them naturally in their interactions – the mother occasionally runs her hand through her younger son’s hair and gives him a kiss on the head. 

“They’re a beautiful sight – a happy and content family. But I bet it’s not by luck that they are so. Rather as a result of what is clearly attuned, respectful and compassionate parenting.”

The younger boy gets off his mother’s knee after about ten minutes later and enjoys the view. He coos with delight at the scenery and points things out to his parents and older sibling. Later he picks up his colouring book and quietly uses it.

Meanwhile his brother reads and looks out the window. At their final stop, about 40 minutes later, the father addresses his boys “okay guys we’re getting off here” – without a word or issue they alight. Their absence of their peaceful presence is noticeable.