Richmond Ambassador’s ‘Resilience’ Screening Event is a Hit!

Richmond Ambassador’s ‘Resilience’ Screening Event is a Hit!

WAVE Trust 70/30 Ambassador, Daphne Cotton, hosted a hugely successful awareness-raising event on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) at The Exchange in Twickenham on 19th September.

‘Resilience: the Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope’ (Director James Redford) was seen by a packed audience, including policy makers from Richmond Council. Health leads, health professionals, headteachers and a variety of public and voluntary sector workers were amongst those attending. The screening was followed by a Q & A discussion with Twickenham MP Sir Vince Cable and a panel of experts comprising George Hosking (WAVE Trust), Dr Sarah Temple (Ehcap Ltd) and Shabira Papain (Best Beginnings)

The science of ‘Toxic Stress’ and the major findings that came out of the ACE Study (published 1998) are only now coming into the public domain, thanks in part to James Redford’s film. When children experience high doses of stress in their lives, the impact on their brains and their bodies can be devastating, often leading to lifelong health and social problems which tend to pass from generation to generation. Toxic stress is now understood to be one of the leading causes of everything from poor academic performance, substance misuse, mental ill health, heart disease and cancer, to violence and criminality.

The power of the film is that it demonstrates the possibility of breaking the inter-generational cycle of damage by the healing effects of trauma-informed practice. Babies and children suffer ACEs, not because of bad parents but usually because of bad things that have happened to the parents themselves when they were young. It is time to really tackle the root causes of society’s problems and break this inter-generational cycle of violence, addiction and disease. This is what Daphne is hoping will happen in Richmond and elsewhere. Already the response from key people in the borough, including Cabinet Members from Richmond Council, has been very positive indeed.

Since the Twickenham event, Daphne has been to Glasgow where she met Dr Nadine Burke-Harris, the paediatrician featured in ‘Resilience’. Dr Burke-Harris was the keynote speaker at a conference in the city on 26 September, “Making Scotland the first ACE-Aware Nation”, which was attended by over 2000 delegates.

As a direct result of the Twickenham event, local Police Inspector Ed McDonagh, along with Detective Superintendent Tor Garnett of the London Met Training and Transformation division, have organized a screening of ‘Resilience’ at Cineworld, a 700-seat cinema in Leicester Square on 29 November. These were Tor’s words in an email to Daphne the morning following the Twickenham screening: “Huge congratulations on such an inspiring event . . . I would very much like to explore how we could spread this within the Met so that we could become a trauma-informed police service – following on the heels of Scotland, South Wales and Ayrshire”.

Daphne will be on the Q & A panel following the Leicester Square screening, along with two of the Met’s top brass, Commander Richard Smith, Safeguarding Lead and Commander Mark McEwan, Head of Profession, Crime Prevention, Inclusion and Engagement. Also on the panel will be Rachel Egan, Assistant Director Early Help, Wandsworth.
As Daphne said “The knowledge is catching fire, it is having an impact and there is a sense of momentum and a sense of hope that we might at last be able to put in place, right across the country, what is needed to make a real difference.”

If you would like to get involved in helping to create an ACE-aware trauma-informed community in Richmond and neighbouring boroughs, get in touch with local Ambassador, Daphne Cotton,

We celebrate 17 year-old’s short film on preventing child abuse

We celebrate 17 year-old’s short film on preventing child abuse

(From left to right): Graham Chalk (Head of film & media, BRIT School), Sam Sutherland (Year 13 FMP Student), George Hosking (CEO, WAVE Trust)

We had a brilliant time last week at The BRIT School in Croydon celebrating the wonderful work of their Year 13 FMP Student, Sam Sutherland who we awarded joint first prize for his short film entry in our 70/30 Short Film Contest 2018 (#7030ByMe). He was presented with his £500 cash prize in a larger-than-life cheque by CEO of WAVE Trust, George Hosking.

The BRIT School were also awarded their half of the £750 cash prize for the winning school! Head of film and media, Graham Chalk was there along with the Principal of the school to receive their part of the prize.

Fellow students and friends and family of Sam’s joined us to watch his film and celebrate his winnings – we had quite some fun with our new 70/30 Instagram frame too!

Sam’s work will undoubtedly help us spread the crucial message of preventing child maltreatment to many audiences across the UK, including the younger generation. We’re honoured to have had such high quality material produced on our behalf.

Congrats Sam – you did us and your school very proud!

Edinburgh Resilience Documentary Screening Event – Reserve your space!

Edinburgh Resilience Documentary Screening Event – Reserve your space!

To increase awareness and encourage discussion around social injustice, the Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) are hosting their own screening of the award-winning ‘Resilience’ documentary at the Kinnaird Hall at the Leith Community Education Centre on Wednesday 21st February 2018. The feature-length documentary, directed by James Redford, delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress.

After watching the film, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to experts in associated fields discuss the debate surrounding “toxic stress” and its existence. Sara Martínez, 70/30 Campaign Coordinator at WAVE Trust will be one of those speaking. She will also be holding a stall with information on the campaign and volunteer opportunities.

Click here to register for this event.

For more information see:


Kinnaird Hall, Leith Community Education Centre
Newkirkgate Shopping Centre
12A Newkirkgate

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Gail Ross MSP Kicks Off ACEs Debate in Scottish Parliament

Gail Ross MSP Kicks Off ACEs Debate in Scottish Parliament

(From left to right): Claire Hillson (Scotland Manager, WAVE Trust), Sara Martínez (70/30 Campaign Coordinator), Gail Ross MSP & George Hosking (CEO, WAVE Trust)

Yesterday evening SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, Gail Ross, opened a debate she recently raised a motion for on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). She kicked the debate off with a speech that highlighted the research and evidence underpinning her motion and called for action across all sectors of society, adding: “We are never going to close the attainment gap until we address this, because children can’t learn properly when they are suffering trauma.”

We were delighted to hear from Deputy Presiding Officer, Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride, that the debate was heavily over-subscribed, indicating a genuine enthusiasm and passion in parliament for tackling the issue. After all, a trauma-informed parliament can make real change!

Aside from Ms Ross’ opening speech during which she said ACEs had been cited as the “single greatest unaddressed public health threat that we face”, other MSPs to speak included Rona Mackay MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, Emma Harper MSP for South Scotland and Gillian Martin MSP for Aberdeenshire East.

During her contribution, Emma Harper MSP spoke of how coming across an abused toddler as a young nurse haunted her for the next three decades. Ms Harper said the 18-month-old girl had been admitted to hospital with a respiratory illness before cigarette burns were discovered all over her body.

Liberal Democrat MSP and 70/30 endorser, Alex Cole-Hamilton, who previously worked for a range of children’s charities, told of a nine-year-old boy he had come across in a care home who had been through 37 “failed foster and residential placements”. He added, “The trauma he had suffered in early life had created such a profound attachment disorder in him, that he went to every new foster placement expecting it to fail.”

Also during the debate, Mairi Gougeon (SNP for Angus North and Mearns) took her opportunity to focus on the powerful role that schools have in enabling children to develop resilience and build coping mechanisms that ensure their adverse childhood experience don’t hold them back or have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives.

We were absolutely delighted to hear her mention the 70/30 Campaign during her speech also, saying:

“I add my support to the 70/30 campaign. Preventing ACEs means attacking the issue from all sides. This is not just a health issue and it is not just an education issue. It is about health, education, social work, justice, welfare and many other elements all working together to challenge the myriad issues that children face.”

After having enjoyed a very successful meeting with Gail Ross MSP just this week to discuss ACEs and having had the pleasure of attending yesterday’s debate, it really does seem to be a wonderful time of change for Scotland. As Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP for Edinburgh Western put it, “It feels as though we are on the edge of a long-overdue period of revelation and revolution in the field of trauma recovery.”

We are now empowered by our knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences and we know we can do so much better for our children. But where do we start? Well, in the words of Ms Gail Ross, “Let’s get them talking about feelings. Let’s teach them to be kind and loving individuals who matter.”


Campaign Coordinator, Sara Martinez meets Sarah Jones MP for Croydon Central

Campaign Coordinator, Sara Martinez meets Sarah Jones MP for Croydon Central

Campaign Coordinator for WAVE Trust’s national 70/30 Campaign, Sara Martínez met with local Croydon MP, Sarah Jones on Friday 15th December. Sara introduced Sarah to the campaign’s goals and aims for the New Year and received a great deal of enthusiasm and encouragement from Ms Jones.

As Chair of the knife crime APPG, Sarah took a genuine interest in the charity’s work, dedicated to reducing levels of child maltreatment and other Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) by dealing with the roots causes at the earliest possible stage. The pair discussed the links between the work of 70/30 and the issue of knife crime. Sarah was also very interested in attending an intended hosting of the ‘Resilience’ documentary film in 2018.

Sarah became the 63rd MP to endorse the 70/30 Campaign and the 34th Labour MP.

The team look forward to engaging with Sarah once again in the New Year to discuss how they can move forward together.