Last weekend Rob Robinson and I had the heartfelt pleasure of spending time with local children and parents at the community Cherry Fayre.  The week long celebration was organised by a handful of inspirational people from our area (namely the fantastically energetic Cindy Furse) and combined a multitude of events aimed at bringing together the community in a spirit of sharing and supporting local businesses and interest groups. The entire initiative was well received and promoted our joint vision for an inclusive and positive society.

As 70/30 Ambassadors, we felt moved to provide fun and stimulation for the youngest generations and were blown away by the creativity and imagination of our children. Our cupcake design stall on Friday evening was so popular that Rob had to do several quick trips to the shops for more supplies! On Saturday we provided arts and crafts materials for the children to make a joint picture of “Our Community”, with some exciting characters, trees, flowers, homes and even a few bug monsters and funny noses!  Some children chose to take their creations home to share with their families, but most very generously donated their artworks to be displayed on the community notice board in the local Co Op.

Our focus was on encouraging creative play and so we made the decision to pass around stickers, balloons, pens and leaflets but, as there were young minds around, not to do too much talking at this point about the more sensitive topics involved in the campaign. Many parents stated an interest in looking up the 70/30 Campaign and we are in the process of sending out invitations to our next group meeting to have the more grown up discussions about protecting our children as a wider society into the future.

The spirit of the Fayre was joyous and relaxed, and the 70/30 logo was everywhere we could get it, and so – step by step – we are introducing our peers to the idea that we all have the power to create change and turn our passionate desire of empowering communities to protect our children into effective action.

We are forging strong links with like-minded people and groups in our area and we hope to continue to lead by example, cherishing our children’s creative minds and supporting each other in the tough times we all face as parents. There is a great sense of coming together down here, and we are so grateful to the Campaign for supporting our efforts by providing information, inspiration, and fun art materials for us to keep forging ahead with our collective mission. Thank you 70/30 for leading the way!

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