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Axminster’s Big Picnic

Last weekend Rob Robinson and I had the heartfelt pleasure of spending time with local children and parents at the community Cherry Fayre.  The week long celebration was organised by a handful of inspirational people from our area (namely the fantastically energetic...

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Why did I join the 70/30 campaign?

I joined the 70/30 campaign as it was getting started towards the end of 2015 and over the time I’ve been involved and met our incredible ambassadors, I’ve become more conscious of being slightly different from most of our volunteers. I don’t have kids. I’m in my...

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When my boys have all left home- this is what I shall miss… I walked into the bathroom today to be met by this amazing geometric wall of bulk- buy loo rolls. It took me by surprise, it made me smile, it made me think and … it spoke so much about my son. Sam is...

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Today we are mostly Prawns and Sharks

"I wake up early every day... my bedroom window and breath in the beautiful Devon air. My son joins me and mimics my actions. The next 10 minutes is spent copying each other’s exaggerated breathing in." We make a drink and read his favourite book, 'The Tiger...

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A Different Kind of Challenge

Image John William Waterhouse Boreas It has been a while since my last blog, and it has become necessary in that interval to change certain plans, for now. Spring is in full swing - and yet I feel as if I have spent the last month being buffeted about in a late autumn...

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70/30 Challenge

I recently had a brainwave.  It was a fantastic idea, it was ludicrous; definitely one of my best… Not long ago I was introduced by a friend, Rob, to a cause that he was campaigning for.  Rob had mentioned the thing several times and I thought it sounded great,...

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