Edinburgh Resilience Documentary Screening Event – Reserve your space!

Edinburgh Resilience Documentary Screening Event – Reserve your space!

To increase awareness and encourage discussion around social injustice, the Equality and Rights Network (EaRN) are hosting their own screening of the award-winning ‘Resilience’ documentary at the Kinnaird Hall at the Leith Community Education Centre on Wednesday 21st February 2018. The feature-length documentary, directed by James Redford, delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and a new movement to treat and prevent toxic stress.

After watching the film, attendees will have the opportunity to listen to experts in associated fields discuss the debate surrounding “toxic stress” and its existence. Sara Martínez, 70/30 Campaign Coordinator at WAVE Trust will be one of those speaking. She will also be holding a stall with information on the campaign and volunteer opportunities.

Click here to register for this event.

For more information see: https://kpjrfilms.co/resilience/.


Kinnaird Hall, Leith Community Education Centre
Newkirkgate Shopping Centre
12A Newkirkgate

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Gail Ross MSP Kicks Off ACEs Debate in Scottish Parliament

Gail Ross MSP Kicks Off ACEs Debate in Scottish Parliament

(From left to right): Claire Hillson (Scotland Manager, WAVE Trust), Sara Martínez (70/30 Campaign Coordinator), Gail Ross MSP & George Hosking (CEO, WAVE Trust)

Yesterday evening SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, Gail Ross, opened a debate she recently raised a motion for on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). She kicked the debate off with a speech that highlighted the research and evidence underpinning her motion and called for action across all sectors of society, adding: “We are never going to close the attainment gap until we address this, because children can’t learn properly when they are suffering trauma.”

We were delighted to hear from Deputy Presiding Officer, Linda Fabiani MSP for East Kilbride, that the debate was heavily over-subscribed, indicating a genuine enthusiasm and passion in parliament for tackling the issue. After all, a trauma-informed parliament can make real change!

Aside from Ms Ross’ opening speech during which she said ACEs had been cited as the “single greatest unaddressed public health threat that we face”, other MSPs to speak included Rona Mackay MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, Emma Harper MSP for South Scotland and Gillian Martin MSP for Aberdeenshire East.

During her contribution, Emma Harper MSP spoke of how coming across an abused toddler as a young nurse haunted her for the next three decades. Ms Harper said the 18-month-old girl had been admitted to hospital with a respiratory illness before cigarette burns were discovered all over her body.

Liberal Democrat MSP and 70/30 endorser, Alex Cole-Hamilton, who previously worked for a range of children’s charities, told of a nine-year-old boy he had come across in a care home who had been through 37 “failed foster and residential placements”. He added, “The trauma he had suffered in early life had created such a profound attachment disorder in him, that he went to every new foster placement expecting it to fail.”

Also during the debate, Mairi Gougeon (SNP for Angus North and Mearns) took her opportunity to focus on the powerful role that schools have in enabling children to develop resilience and build coping mechanisms that ensure their adverse childhood experience don’t hold them back or have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives.

We were absolutely delighted to hear her mention the 70/30 Campaign during her speech also, saying:

“I add my support to the 70/30 campaign. Preventing ACEs means attacking the issue from all sides. This is not just a health issue and it is not just an education issue. It is about health, education, social work, justice, welfare and many other elements all working together to challenge the myriad issues that children face.”

After having enjoyed a very successful meeting with Gail Ross MSP just this week to discuss ACEs and having had the pleasure of attending yesterday’s debate, it really does seem to be a wonderful time of change for Scotland. As Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP for Edinburgh Western put it, “It feels as though we are on the edge of a long-overdue period of revelation and revolution in the field of trauma recovery.”

We are now empowered by our knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences and we know we can do so much better for our children. But where do we start? Well, in the words of Ms Gail Ross, “Let’s get them talking about feelings. Let’s teach them to be kind and loving individuals who matter.”


Glasgow Ambassador, Martha Abbasi meets James Dornan MSP

Glasgow Ambassador, Martha Abbasi meets James Dornan MSP

So proud of our wonderful Glasgow Ambassador, Martha Jean for having had such a great meeting with Cathcart MSP, James Dornan earlier today.

Martha took the opportunity to introduce James to the 70/30 Campaign and the work we are doing to prevent child maltreatment and other Adverse Childhood Experiences across the UK. The pair also discussed the potential launch of a cross-party group for 70/30 in Scotland in 2018.

James was very supportive and enthusiastic about our work. Martha looks forward to working with James going forward to make Scotland the best place it can be for its children and their families.

The Glasgow group are growing and on a mission! Watch this space ….

Thanks for all your support James. Great work Martha! 😃 

Scotland Announces Nationwide Roll-out of Finnish-inspired Baby Boxes from August

Scotland Announces Nationwide Roll-out of Finnish-inspired Baby Boxes from August

The Scottish Government has announced that the Finnish-inspired baby box scheme, which was successfully rolled out in Orkney and Clackmannanshire earlier this year, will be rolled out nationwide as of August.

New mothers whose babies are born on or after 15 August 2017 will receive a baby box containing around 40 different materials to promote the best possible start for children including toys, clothing and bedding. It also comes with a poem written by Scotland’s Makar Jackie Kay in Scots, called Welcome Wee One.

The scheme, inspired by the Finnish project which has been running since 1938 is projected to cost an estimated £6m per year.

Expectant mothers can register to receive the box at an existing midwife appointment after June 15 2017.

Childcare minister Mark McDonald said:

Scotland’s baby box will help tackle deprivation, improve health and support parents, and we’re proud to introduce it in Scotland. It will include materials to promote the best possible outcomes for children and provide a safe space for babies to sleep near their parents.”

The winning design for the box (artist Leanne Young pictured above) was unveiled in March, and features a forest fairytale design including Highland cows, squirrels and the Loch Ness Monster.

You can read more on this here: http://ow.ly/YVr130c9mtk