The lovely Cassie Pullman has teamed up with the BBC to share her story of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (#PTSD) in an effort to raise awareness this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

We were lucky enough to have Cassie come onto one our monthly national 70/30 ambassador calls as a guest speaker earlier this year when she shared her story with the 70/30 Campaign network. Cassie uses her own experiences of child abuse to empower and inspire others and to get justice for herself and many others.

Cassie’s honesty and willingness to be so open and candid about her own experiences of child abuse is truly inspiring.

You can follow Cassie on Twitter @Cassiepullman 
You can also find Cassie on Facebook:

PLEASE, PLEASE, share this video in as many ways as you can to spread her message and raise awareness at this very important time.

Cassandra Pullman – we salute you.

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