The Bury Ambassador Group

Welcome to the Bury 70/30 Ambassadors Group. We’re a fun, ambitious team of volunteers dedicated
to making Bury the best community it can be for its children and their families!

Ambassador: Dawn Cretney

Ambassador Since: December 2017
Emotional Health & Well being Practitioner & Trainer/ Co-founder & Director of Enterprising Youth/ Youth & Community Manager/ Artist

Dawn has been a Youth and Community Practitioner and Manager since 1997. With a particular interest in ACE’s and working to transform the lived experience, Dawn is keen to raise awareness in understanding the impact and effects of trauma, and support the development of trauma-informed services. In 2013, Dawn set up Enterprising Youth (a not for profit organisation) with a colleague, to respond to local need. This she manages alongside providing emotional wellbeing support and delivering skills training to young people, parents and professionals.

“I am so grateful for 70/30. I believe it puts awareness and understanding the effects of trauma on human development to the fore. At a local level I am so excited to be a part of this campaign. I believe it offers us the opportunity to transform services and lives to the benefit of individuals, families and communities. A 70% reduction by 2030…take a moment to imagine what that difference would be like for us all!”