A little bit of hope for the family of an anxious child.

Some families sail through their children’s childhood years without a hitch and that is great for them but sadly others have a daily struggle in getting their children settled into bed, sleep in their own room as they might be scared of the dark or suffer from bad dreams. Others can sadly suffer from little hitches like bed wetting and this can often cause great anxiety especially if the child is a little older.

Even the thought of or the word ‘school’ can often fill some children full of anxiety, panic and dread and if this is the case, it can often fill the parent full of all of these factors too.

Families with a child on the Autistic spectrum, ADHD, SPD or any other disability may have a much harder time through the school years than a parent of a neurotypical child unless they get the right support.

School sadly seems to be one of the biggest emotional triggers in children, anxieties can be triggered by a variety of factors such as exam stress or academic pressure, instead of play based learning structure. Friendships and social stressors such as bullying can also cause anxiety and pressure for your child.

We were one of those families that sadly didn’t fit into the category of having an easy ride through our children’s education years but we soldiered on as best as we could, through the minefield of extra stresses anxieties and overwhelm, desperately trying to find solutions and answers along the way to all the problems we were facing.

In the early days we didn’t have facebook or other social media to help to find the other parents in similar situations as us, so it often became a very lonely path especially as many other parents I knew went back to work and continued in their chosen careers.

This was my drive and inspiration for writing my two books Energy EFT For Teenagers and Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie, (both available on Amazon). To help other families that were going through similar anxieties and stresses with their children and teenagers

I see in the news daily that more children are suffering from anxiety, stress, or other mental health issues and schools seem to be at crisis point. Underfunded schools, stressed out teachers and with up to a quarter of children suffering from depression in the UK by the time they are 14 some thing needs to change and fast.

EFT or tapping as it is often known really can offer some relief and positivity for a family that is going through the motions with and anxious or special needs child. Provided the child is willing to participate in the tapping, great strides can be made for the anxious child to move forward and be more able to cope with activities like school and getting out and about with family and friends.

Clinical psychologist Peta Stapleton in Australia has recently completed very successful trials in using EFT as a very useful productive tool in the classroom. It is helping children/teenagers with stress and anxiety, two of the components that eventually can lead to depression if early intervention isn’t practised. Helping them to bond better with their peers, create more positivity in the classroom and helping students to concentrate better on their work, just 5 or 10 minutes of EFT (tapping) in the morning can have a positive effect for students that can last the whole day and often more.

I am on a mission to help get EFT into schools so if you are one of the families that are struggling please try to arm your child with this wonderful therapy until such a day that it is provided for them in the classroom. Much can be done from home, children as young as 3 can benefit from EFT (tapping) to help with little daily anxieties and the older the child gets EFT can help to iron out emotional problems. It is especially helpful when your child starts a new school, around exam times and if your child has been unfortunate enough to suffer from bullying. before their problems become more complex and long lasting.

If you get results from using EFT with your child please tell your school about them. I wish you all a hassle free, safe ride for your children through their precious school years.

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