Judy James

Hi there! My name’s Judy and I’m a 70/30 ambassador for the Warrington and Manchester areas. I’m dedicated to making Warrington and Manchester the best communities they can be for their children and families!

Local Groups: Warrington & Manchester
Email: judy@emotionfocus.co.uk

Ambassador Since: March 2018
Day job: Executive Coach & Emotionally Focused Therapist – specialist in creating lasting change through the focus on emotion at Emotion Focus

“I have been actively promoting ACE Awareness in the Cheshire and Manchester area for sometime now, and I am grateful to the WAVE Trust’s 70/30 Campaign for their support that is now enabling an ACE initiative for Warrington to become a reality.

As an Emotion-Focused Therapist I work with adults whose daily lives are affected by the impact of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and Toxic Stress in infancy, childhood and adolescence.

I am also a practitioner of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, so very aware that the attachment relationship an individual had with care-givers in childhood, influences the interactions between them and their partner in adult relationships. It is a privilege to work with adults through such effective, transformative emotion-focused processes.”