The Aberdeen Ambassador Group

Hi there! My name’s Julia and I’m a 70/30 ambassador for the Stonehaven area. I’m dedicated to making Stonehaven  the best community it can be for its children and their families!

Ambassador: Julia Morton

Ambassador Since: February 2018
Yoga and meditation teacher, Founder of The Haven (Stonehaven)

“I am a yoga and meditation teacher that is passionate about offering well being opportunities in a proactive and preventive way. In particular during pregnancy, post natal, childhood and the rite of passage for teens. I am the creator and keeper of a not-for-profit well being centre, The Haven, where we have community of like-minded people who feel compelled to nurture and grow a kind supportive, peaceful and trauma-informed community. Exactly what the 70/30 Campaign is all about!


There was an inner awareness inside of me where I was at peace with what I was teaching on the yoga mat but found it challenging living and witnessing the world off the mat. The 70/30 Campaign has empowered me that a better world is not just a dream and I am not alone on this quest to make it a reality. Being an Ambassador has given me the permission to have a voice, be heard and create real change.”