The Angus Ambassador Group

Hi there! My name’s Karen and I’m a 70/30 ambassador for the Angus area. I’m dedicated to making Angus the best community it can be for its children and their families!

Ambassador: Karen Law

Ambassador Since: April 2018
Self employed as a NO HANDS Massage Therapist, doula and Wise Hippo Birthing Programme instructor

“Due to the various aspects of my work I have a special interest in trauma, also having some direct experience of PTSD and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) personally and through close relatives and friends. I offer birth trauma resolution and I am currently studying for a diploma in clinical Hypnotherapy to add to my skills.


I first became aware of the prevalence of childhood sexual abuse when attending a workshop in 2013 facilitated by Penny Simkin on When Survivors Give Birth. Since then I have continued to gain understanding about the affects of trauma on the mind and body. I grabbed an opportunity to see Resilience in January 2018 and read The Deepest Well as soon as it was published in the UK. Following Suzanne Zeedyk on Twitter I found myself following more and more people and organisations with an interest in preventing ACEs.  In March, a group of us started up local meetings as Dundee & Angus ACEs Hub, showing Resilience followed by networking and discussion on a monthly basis. It seemed an obvious choice to join 70/30 in order to gain support and resources for raising awareness in my local area. I wish to see more collaborative working with various agencies, and consistent, well-trained support in the community for parents.”