The Orkney Ambassador Group

Welcome to the Orkney 70/30 Ambassadors Group. We’re a fun, ambitious team of volunteers dedicated
to making Orkney the best community it can be for children and their families!

Ambassador: Kevin Denvir

Ambassador Since: October 2017
Adoptive parent, therapist and mentor in therapeutic parenting

“My previous experience as a teacher, business owner, foster carer and adoptive parent created an interest in the developmental journeys people have. This led me to the pervasive impact of childhood trauma and in particular maltreatment resulting in Developmental Trauma. In my research I discovered The 70/30 Campaign and quickly realised that the values and goals were closely aligned with my own, so my step into volunteering was a no-brainer. I became aware of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACE study) back in 2009 and have often wondered how best to address the roots of ACE’s from a policy and practice perspective. 70/30 have provided a clear vision I am drawn to, via credible research and strategies for change, giving me enthusiasm and confidence that collectively (in relationship with like minds) we can be the difference that makes the difference.”