Wow, where did it all go wrong?

Having lived and breathed the ‘crisis’ around school within our own family for almost a decade, I realise now so much has changed. Back then I felt like we were alone, one of a kind, we didn’t fit the mould, square peg, round hole scenario!

But in the past decade these children have come in forward in drones, bright sensitive, creative beautiful children, that are having the happiness and zest for life sucked out of them from the age of 4.

Not only the children but most of the teachers are faking it, trying to put on a brave face in their classrooms, often going home and crumbling, sad and depressed at the total mess the school system has become. With the stress of SATS and OFSTED and homework marking, looming over them, like a dark cloud of doom!

These constant tests from an early age are breaking many our children’s spirits and their enjoyment of school, with the constant strive for perfect marks, endless homework and removing the core subjects for creativity like art, poetry, cookery etc is making for a bored, fed up and disillusioned child.

By the time they reach secondary education, for many the anxieties have already set in. Children, yes children as young as 9 or 10 contemplating suicide, having the start of an eating disorder or the onset of depression is far from acceptable and the poor teachers are struggling to cope. Many of them are not trained to cope with the complex needs of many of these children. The work load of just getting all the subject matter out is tough enough but dealing with children with mental health problems is quite another matter.

Some schools are better equipped to cope and many private schools have better funding, but generally speaking even money can’t buy children’s happiness and wellbeing in schools today.

Simple effective and easy to learn EFT books to help in the classroom.

So what is the answer, especially until the education system realises that our children are at crisis point and something needs to change before a large majority grow into adults with mental health needs?

EFT (tapping) in all schools in the UK could and is proving to make a massive difference almost overnight in the classroom. (Peta Stapleton clinical psychologist, Australia 2017, successful trials for EFT in the classroom). It would be a simple solution for schools to implement almost immediately at very little cost. After all what is the cost of losing teachers to stress and depression and the cost to the NHS when everything starts to crumble for many of the pupils, the knock on effect can be huge?!

EFT is very simple therapy to learn, children as young as 3 can learn and use the technique, as my book Happy Tapping with Mia & Charlie is proving. It can help children with the anxieties around starting preschool/school, separation anxiety, feeling grumpy, friendships and fallouts with friends, fear of the dark, going to bed, little accidents (bed wetting), silent tapping (for anxiety/fear/trauma/abuse), ideal for children that can’t talk about their problems easily, they tap on the feelings in their body, leaving a window to open up at a later date. Losing a pet, fear of creepy crawlies/spiders, Mia Monkeys tapping song and lots more. Helping children to release those little anxieties so they don’t build into greater ones later on, in a fun and creative and interactive way… simple!

My second book Energy EFT For Teenagers (also suitable for pre/post teens), can help with anger, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, exam/test nerves, self image/body confidence, bullying (verbal, physical & cyber), school phobia, fears about starting a new school, sports performance and more. Such a simple effective way to help our teens, these books can be used in the classroom, libraries or at home and if they are all doing the tapping, very quickly it will become the norm, like a new trend…yes it can be cool to tap away your stresses and anxieties! (Both books are available on Amazon).

I had one young girl use my book for exam nerves, she coped brilliantly with all her GCSEs after spending a year out of school for anxiety, going into school to sit her exams and is now in 6th form and enjoying school again. Others are tapping daily and coping better with school and are much less anxious than before.

The plus points for using EFT (Tapping).

EFT is quick, easy and very simple to learn.

EFT can be used for every emotional situation.

EFT has been clinically proven in schools to have great results in the classroom. Teachers and pupils can learn it, (this powerful technique can bring some fun and energy back to the classroom).

EFT can help to supercharge the energy in the classroom, positivity is created, we tap on the negative to create a positive, we can even tap on the positive to increase that too!

EFT can help pupils to become more caring and empathic towards their peers, when EFT is done in groups everybody benefits.

EFT can help pupils to have better concentration and become less anxious about starting and completing tasks.

EFT helps pupils to believe in themselves more, it helps them cope better if things at home are tough, as they have a tool at their fingertips they can use at any time.

EFT is a simple solution to long term happiness. Lets get this simple effective tapping method into schools and change the future, so our children become more resilient and able to cope with the stresses of today, before it gets out of control. Hopefully one day the education system will change, to help all children thrive in a school environment but until then, there is always EFT.

Photography Kim Barter.

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