The Glasgow/Edinburgh Ambassador Groups

Hi there! My name’s Linda and I’m a member of the Glasgow and Edinburgh ambassador groups. We’re fun,
ambitious teams of volunteers dedicated to making both Edinburgh and Glasgow the best communities
they can be for their children and their families!

Ambassador: Linda Brown
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Ambassador Since: November 2017
A retired Early Years educator (Nursery Nurse) and an Equality & Rights (EARN) volunteer with Volunteer Edinburgh.

“As a retired Nursery Nurse I have always had a passion for pedagogy and have been inspired over the decades by theorists such as John Bowlby and his 1950’s study on attachment. Also Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and most recently the monumental impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the documentary film ‘Resilience’.

The research has shown repeatedly that the period from pregnancy to 2 years has a huge affect on a child’s life. I also believe that without resilience you can survive, however you cannot thrive.

I firmly believe that the 70/30 Campaign will be significant in reducing child maltreatment and will hopefully break the cycle of neglect by understanding human behaviour and the reasons why some people overcome adversity and others don’t.”