Aaliyah Shaikh 

Hi! My name is Aaliyah, I am based in and am the 70/30 ambassador for the London Borough of Redbridge.

I am committed to making Redbridge the best place it can be for its children and their families.

Local Group: Redbridge
Email: Aaliyah.shaikh@cantab.net

Ambassador Since: September 2018

Day job: Aaliyah is a PhD Researcher in Health Psychology (looking at Birth trauma experiences in the British Muslim community) at the Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research, City, University of London on an Aziz Foundation Scholarship in community leadership development. 

Aaliyah is also the founder of Rahmah Wellbeing, she is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Birth Trauma Educator, an advocate for gender and social justice and a lecturer in women’s health, mental health, counselling, trauma and the womb.

“When I came across 70/30 it struck a chord. I wanted to
connect to this initiative immediately!

I  have always felt passionately about the need for healing and preventative education. As someone who both came into this world through a traumatic birth and subsequently faced adverse childhood experiences, I have a deep and personal understanding of the impact early experiences can have and also the resilience and hope that can come through persevering. I hope that both my personal and professional insights can contribute to my role as a 70/30 Ambassador.

My journey in this field started at the age of twenty-four when I worked as a Chaplain in the labour and neonatal wards for six years. I also trained as a psychotherapeutic counsellor and researched day and night on everything from trauma, childhood, attachment, psychology and the unconscious to nutrition, relationships, history, colonialization, women’s health, neuroscience, spirituality and beyond. I love learning and am a seeker! The wide variety of topics have been enriching and increased the depth and breadth of my understanding and connect with others.

Despite being told negative things at school- I have achieved a bachelor’s degree, two Masters and a PGDip. I did one of my Masters at Cambridge University which means a lot to me because I know that it was a struggle to get there through my adverse experiences. No female in my family ancestral history had ever received an education prior to me so this is a true honour I cherish. It also came with a sense of responsibility to leave a positive legacy, leading me to establish Rahmah Wellbeing; a psychotherapeutic counselling service with an educational and preventative approach.

I offer lectures and workshops, working with the Muslim community and sharing my research on birth and early childhood trauma and how this impacts our adult lives. I am currently on a scholarship with the Aziz Foundation for a PhD in Health Psychology. I hope I can be of benefit to my local community and create positive connections leaving a much needed legacy of healing.”