Mike Sarson

Hello! My name is Mike and I am a 70/30 ambassador for the area of Reading.
I am dedicated to making Reading the best place it can be for its children and their families!

Local Group: Reading
Email: mike@east-west.org.uk

Ambassador Since: September 2018

Day job: Mike is the Founder Director of East West Organization and East West Kids Connect.

“My own experience of sustaining a brain injury following a severe unprovoked assault in my early twenties led me to spending time in at Monastery in Thailand.

The regular practice of meditation enabled me to overcome a dependency on various medications I was prescribed to help deal with the symptoms. Strong feelings of resentment, anxiety anger and depression healed through forgiveness letting go, acceptance and re-connecting with love and compassion.

I later trained in counselling and drama therapy and worked as a volunteer with a youth counselling agency before joining the NHS as a counsellor for 15 years with the community drug and alcohol team. During this time, I completed training courses in mindfulness with Bangor University and shared the techniques with client’s, which helped them overcome various relapsing conditions.

During the past 40 years, many people have shared their life stories with me including their first memories, which revealed strong evidence to suggest the great majority had experienced childhood trauma and lack of parental love.

A shift in NHS treatment policy with an emphasis on prescribing substitute medications and dealing with symptoms, led me to set-up the charity East West Detox and offer a holistic choice of treatment for addictions with a focus on the root cause.

East West Organization and East West Kids Connect was set up in 1991 to offer a choice of holistic interventions for the prevention, treatment, and recovery from addictions and attachments. Our range of preventative education services, benefit the mental health, and well-being of children, young people and families through training in meditation and mindfulness techniques.

Many mainstream and specialist educational settings have now benefited from meditation and mindfulness introduced into their timetables during the past 20 years. The following BBC news report provides feedback on benefits experienced by pupils and teachers at Battle Primary Academy in Reading. https://youtu.be/f-iyR3I-ddI

I am passionate about the aims of the 70/30 campaign because of my own life experience. A focus on prevention and the cause of underlying problems is paramount in benefiting the mental health and well-being of our future generations.

As an ambassador for 70/30, I will be able to share my passion with others and help reduce child abuse and neglect in our world.