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The Window of Tolerance

 Dan Seigul first named the Window of Tolerance, as the level of arousal in which a person can function to the best of their ability. When an individual is in this zone they are able to process their surroundings and regulate themselves in a positive way. When we are...

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The First 70/30 Workshop Takes Place in London

The first 70/30 Workshop took place on Friday 7th July at King's Cross, Central London We are so thankful to everybody who came along to the first of our workshops. It was a hugely successful event and we were overwhelmed by the passion, optimism and commitment shown...

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Excellent to see a strategy to address #ACEs being put forward as a mental health priority by one of the major parties.

Addressing childhood trauma - both preventing and mitigating it - is increasingly becoming a mainstream goal #traumainformed #TraumaInformedUK

Fantastic to see @JonAshworth committing to #preventACEs!! 👍🏻

ACEs - adverse childhood experiences- such as neglect and parents struggling with a mental health issue do often lifelong harm. More:

Thank you as ever for the support Jon.

We’ve been doing child well-being a long time. Mary Lily Walker started in 1883. We were still doing in in 1983. I want us to get it, really get it. I want this changed before 2083. If, as a society, we prioritise the early years, EVERYTHING will change.

"The roots of our lives are entwined in our childhoods." Alice Miller
What happens to us during development affects the rest of our lives.
ACEs=Adverse Childhood Experiences=Toxic Stress
>Non-optimal neurobiopsychosocial development.
Prevent, Heal #ACEs via #HealthyRelationships

what does hope and change look like? looks like @Prev_Justice talking in Inverness @highlandcjp about transforming a life by getting a job, a purpose, and being part of something. who knew that would work ! 😉#smartjustice

Teaching boys the strength of empathy and emotional intelligence. Nice job Dave... 😉

A 'three days to go to #BabyWeekBradford' shout out to some of the many people running events and activities next week: @50TTDBradford @AiredaleNHSFT @AiredaleSC @AndreaStEdmunds @RachaelSteps @BD4Family @BDCFT @GWKNEWY @BHTEarlyEd @Bloomin_Buds @boomchikkaboom @bradfordmdc

‘Staff ‘trauma training’ that helps schoolchildren deal with stressful experiences has seen exclusions in one Harpurhey school plummet by 88 percent...’

@7030Campaign We would love to see you all at our 23rd Birthday. Join us & #LemnSissay MBE to celebrate the lost birthdays @LIBRARYLondon - Thursday 28th November
Please RT & Share with your networks #transformingtraumawithlove #lostbirthdays

Invest to #preventACEs and save not just money but—more importantly—save lives, and save so much disadvantage and suffering from happening to tomorrow’s children



This new report from @LabourSJ and other MPs makes a really important point. We know children who are excluded are at higher risk of violence. We need to #preventAVEs and support #traumainformed schools

Many thanks @sandyofipswich for backing our 70/30 campaign for a 70% reduction in key ACEs by 2030 through prevention and supporting vulnerable parents.

Brilliant to have your support! 🥳

Delighted to have the endorsementof @DaniRowley, MP for Midlothian, for a 70% reduction in key ACEs by 2030 through prevention 🙏👍

Thank you!!