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The Window of Tolerance

 Dan Seigul first named the Window of Tolerance, as the level of arousal in which a person can function to the best of their ability. When an individual is in this zone they are able to process their surroundings and regulate themselves in a positive way. When we are...

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The First 70/30 Workshop Takes Place in London

The first 70/30 Workshop took place on Friday 7th July at King's Cross, Central London We are so thankful to everybody who came along to the first of our workshops. It was a hugely successful event and we were overwhelmed by the passion, optimism and commitment shown...

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"Somebody is much more likely to need mental health services if they have experienced childhood adversity. The all-party group on the prevention of #ACEs has looked in detail at the evidence base on policies to prevent this adversity." @PaulWilliamsMP

Great to see @scottishprisons pursuing #traumainformed approaches for women's prisons, an approach that has secured excellent results elsewhere (see 2 examples below) @HumzaYousaf


I know as soon as I Tweet this I will think of more resources! Hopefully, you will as well. Please add more resources for #Trauma #TraumaInformed

PLEASE, PLEASE, don't forget to build relationships with students this school year!


Safety is a key principle of #traumainformed working. @MikeArmiger described today how people have different versions of safety whether that's up high, in corners etc.

Great to see how even years after the #ACEs #traumainformed movement took off in the US, it's still going strong (and stronger) today!

#ACEs are a major root cause of suicide, with ACE scores very strongly correlated to a person's likelihood of attempting suicide. #traumainformed approaches have also been shown to reduce suicide attempts in prisons and juvenile centres. We need to make the most of this knowledge

I am the 264th Member of Parliament to support the Wave Trust's @7030Campaign campaign. Early Intervention is essential if we want to create a more equal society and reduce health inequality.

An #ACEs questionnaire has been sent to all MPs in Parliament, the first time this has ever happened. Please Tweet your MP to ask them to anonymously fill it in - thank you!

To raise awareness about the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences, the @WAVE_Trust will be sending a survey to all MPs to calculate @UKParliament's ACE score.

Thanks @theresa_may for agreeing to look at this important survey. Tweet your MP to see if they'll fill it in too!

Relationships are at the heart of teaching. Here's an example of one exceptional headmaster in Newport who's taken that knowledge to heart #ThankATeacher #ACEs #traumainformed

"I had a choice to make, blame Josh for “making” me feel this way... Or, taking responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings and try to approach the relationship in a different way." #ACEs #traumainformed

"In her statement, the Minister mentioned the public health approach. Does she agree that we need a lot more training for the #traumainformed intervention in education, in healthcare, in prisons, in the police and in youth services?" Absolutely @Wera_Hobhouse!

We are thrilled to have the launch of our service featured in @TheScotsman today, with comments from our project lead Aliy Brown. Read more about why #FASDHub is so necessary for families in Scotland: