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The Window of Tolerance

 Dan Seigul first named the Window of Tolerance, as the level of arousal in which a person can function to the best of their ability. When an individual is in this zone they are able to process their surroundings and regulate themselves in a positive way. When we are...

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The First 70/30 Workshop Takes Place in London

The first 70/30 Workshop took place on Friday 7th July at King's Cross, Central London We are so thankful to everybody who came along to the first of our workshops. It was a hugely successful event and we were overwhelmed by the passion, optimism and commitment shown...

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Some interesting data in this FOI on how much the Scottish Govt has spent on #ACEs related events, research, etc so far. Turns out it's quite cheap to host a ministerial event on ACEs - Westminster, take note! #traumainformed #trauma

Some good vibes for everyone today!

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“What happened to us is that we’ve chosen to live and work in the poorest, most violent city in the country. But healing is available”

An inspiring story of a #traumainformed community initiative taking place where it's needed most #ACEs #WednesdayWisdom

Alberta have run one of the most comprehensive, large-scale #traumainformed community initiatives we've ever come across. Read about how it started here - they are an inspiration for regions and nations everywhere!

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Bessel van der Kolk is one of the leading experts in the world in this field, we thoroughly recommend his book 'The body keeps the score'. Also, see more of our recommendations here -

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When the brain is feeling threatened, it gets worse at thinking and making choices. Want students to think better? Help them feel safe #traumainformed

Arrested 83 times, convicted 66 times. Addicted to crack. A prostitute. Lost 4 children to child services. Remarkably, she didn’t give up hope, and one day, she found someone in the system who knew about trauma and who didn’t give up on her. #traumainformed #MondayMorning

There's an insightful feed at #traumasensitivechat where teachers are discussing how to create trauma-informed environments within their classrooms.

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There are now 255 Members of Parliament supporting 70/30 - or, to put it another way, that's just over 39%!

Thank you to everyone who's endorsed so far, as well as the superb ambassadors who convinced them #7030 #ACEs #TraumaInformedUK #FridayMotivation