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The Window of Tolerance

 Dan Seigul first named the Window of Tolerance, as the level of arousal in which a person can function to the best of their ability. When an individual is in this zone they are able to process their surroundings and regulate themselves in a positive way. When we are...

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The First 70/30 Workshop Takes Place in London

The first 70/30 Workshop took place on Friday 7th July at King's Cross, Central London We are so thankful to everybody who came along to the first of our workshops. It was a hugely successful event and we were overwhelmed by the passion, optimism and commitment shown...

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Glad to see #ACEs mentioned on Question Time the other night. This national conversation is increasingly going mainstream - let's hope the effective solutions (preventing trauma in the early years, building resilience, #TraumaInformed approaches) take off too.

Ive said it before that in the police you can deal with more traumatic incidents in one week than what a member of the public would deal with in their lifetime. Crucial that we are self aware and are supported.

I was trying to start a national conversation about the early years 5 years ago during my time with @WAVE_Trust. At that time it was only being discussed by pioneering experts & a handful of @7030Campaign Ambassadors - I’m so pleased it’s finally getting into the mainstream 👏🎉

“robust association” confirmed again between child maltreatment & the development of mental disorders.

Time we took the stories of children’s - & their parents’ - lives into account in understanding #mh symptoms

The main focus of all our traiming is the importance of a trusted adult for a child with #trauma this sums it up beautifully

Trauma is now frequently raised in the UK Parliament, cropping up in speeches from a wide variety of politicians. Here is the latest example from @SteveReedMP, the first MP to successfully implement a trauma-informed Bill #ACEs

@HarvardCenter is launching “Brain Architects” – a podcast centered on the science behind new and established findings in early childhood development. Subscribe to hear their first three-part series later this month.

Court today “M’Lord, this angry young man is actually a damaged boy. It’s hard to be kind to him when he creates chaos. If you act in a way that is counter intuitive it may stop the cycle”

Chance granted 🎁

#SmartJustice🛠⚖️ #Hope
#PresidingWithKindness #Kind

If we want to reduce #mentalhealth conditions throughout life and, I can imagine, trauma-related conditions, it seems nature holds the answer. Schools need to bring back play in nature #wellbeing

TIC is not the sole responsibility or purview of mental health professionals. While evidence-based trauma treatment can play a significant role in the healing process for children who need it, there are many other ways to implement #traumainformedcare.

62% of children who go in to care do so because of abuse, there are ususally other #aces as well such as parental alcohol/drug abuse, domestic violence. Only 5-7% get to university and when they do, they do so without the family support other students rely on.

'To understand that there is nothing natural about killing – that killing is the deepest rupturing of our humanity – is to feel the outrage necessary to question where it comes from and how we can prevent it.'


Contrary to what the news and pseudo science would say, it takes a huge effort to make boys violent... trauma, humiliation, shaming, social isolation and indoctrination are nearly always part of serious violence