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The Window of Tolerance

 Dan Seigul first named the Window of Tolerance, as the level of arousal in which a person can function to the best of their ability. When an individual is in this zone they are able to process their surroundings and regulate themselves in a positive way. When we are...

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The First 70/30 Workshop Takes Place in London

The first 70/30 Workshop took place on Friday 7th July at King's Cross, Central London We are so thankful to everybody who came along to the first of our workshops. It was a hugely successful event and we were overwhelmed by the passion, optimism and commitment shown...

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Excerpt: “Next time you see someone struggling to push a stroller with a child, open the door for them; start thanking grocery clerks for their helpfulness; offer to get a morning coffee for a co-worker this week.” @REALatableblog You will love this. 😊

"children whose mothers are sent to prison are more likely than their peers to have future problems." @PreetKGillMP

"The number of children in care has grown by 28% in the past decade, and the number of children at risk of physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect has increased by 53%... those most vulnerable children are being let down by a system that is broken." @GwynneMP

@5bigquestions You absolutely must talk to @7030Campaign

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If you ever catch yourself thinking this nonsense your next thought should be — this is my opportunity to love & nurture “Simple” and if I can’t do it, get out the way of the people who can 😉

This time 5 years ago I was at my very lowest point. I was sleeping in a park because I had lost everything and everybody in my life. I tried to end my life at the Clyde and someone reached out to me. God bless that man who cared enough and the staff in the homeless unit I was

What would we do if we could see every psychological wound ever inflicted as a physical bruise? We would see a lot of black and blue people walking around! We might also be more careful of each other, understanding the degree of suffering we each have endured.

Great workshop in Aberdeen today. 40-50 enthusiastic people from a variety of different backgrounds and organisations, all networking and action planning, all keen to be involved in the @7030Campaign to reduce #aces. The revolution will be live!

#TeamACVO support the important @7030Campaign @WAVE_Trust and encourage everyone to please do so as well. Find out more at

Trauma caused by a toxic relationship, can only be healed by one or more trusting relationships. The more trust in different areas of life a damaged child has, the more chance there is to rebuild the damaged neural pathways that prevent secure attachment.

"Estimates of the costs of childhood adversity are far greater than previously understood and provide a fiscal rationale for prevention efforts."

Prevention isn't just the right thing to do - it's the cheap option too.

I’m preparing for conference talk. Occurs to me that many children struggle to learn because their basic human needs are not being met. Until they are, they will struggle. Schools have a huge role to play in child development yet appear to be excessively judged by test results 🤔

Glad to see #ACEs mentioned on Question Time the other night. This national conversation is increasingly going mainstream - let's hope the effective solutions (preventing trauma in the early years, building resilience, #TraumaInformed approaches) take off too.