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70/30 Group Launches in Croydon

Croydon Group Coordinators, Sara Martínez and Anthoulla Koutsoudi from WAVE Trust held their first meeting for the launch of a local group in the area. The event took place on Wednesday 12th April at WAVE's Croydon-based office. The team celebrated a great turnout...

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We’re Launching a Local 70/30 Group in Croydon!

It's official and very, very exciting...we're setting up a 70/30 group in Croydon this April and we want you!  Let's make Croydon the best place to live for young families! We want the people of Croydon to join the fight to have a safer, happier place for our children...

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I walked to my train this morn thinking about the mum I met yesterday at @LullabyLaneMiln who said she brought her child there “because none of the other nurseries I saw seemed to have a policy of giving hugs”. I reckon we should create a list of all those who do. @drjoolspage

We're delighted to have you on board @BeatriceWishart! It's wonderful to see Scotland embracing the agenda of trauma-informed services and early years investment, a direction we hope it will only continue to pursue even further #ACEs #resilience

"Parenting skills can be compromised because of mental health problems among parents, the misuse of alcohol and drugs, and children witnessing violence in their homes, where there is a history of sexual abuse." @siangwenfelin

@JDavidJo1 @TAYLOR_does_IT @JanetBianco @the_edu_table @7030Campaign @HansNAppel @BarbaraGruener @MumblingMom @MsHake418 @MrDadfire @AcademicMindset @thewrightleader @KFelicello @LifeofDadShow Yes! Just finished reading this book and it was excellent. Also, watch the author’s TED Talk.

@TAYLOR_does_IT @JanetBianco @the_edu_table @7030Campaign @HansNAppel @BarbaraGruener @MumblingMom @MsHake418 @MrDadfire @AcademicMindset @thewrightleader @KFelicello @LifeofDadShow The Deepest Well is an excellent book that gets into this in more detail.

Lack of support to parents of babies ripples & ripples over the years. There is no savings of any type here. This reduction has been a dumb waste of taxpayers’ money and their well-being too.

The impact of failing to properly invest in our HVs is increased demands on all other public services. Prevention is the only cure and Our HV are the first line.

"With 50% of mental health problems being established by the age of 14 and 75% by the age of 24, promoting, protecting and improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people is of critical importance."

proud to be part of 147 organisations calling Party Leaders @Adamprice @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn @jon_bartley @sianberry, @joswinson @NicolaSturgeon @Nigel_Farage to take action & prioritise vulnerable children in the next parliament #ChildrenAtTheHeart

#domesticabuse doesn't only affect #adults. Witnessing abuse can have a devastating impact on children’s health and behaviour, too.

Learn about what police and partners across Wales have been doing to tackle childhood trauma:

🎗️#WhiteRibbonDay #ACEs

We're excited to see #adversechildhoodexperiences addressed in the @LibDems, @UKLabour and @Plaid_Cymru manifestos (so far) 👌

Cross-party agreement is a really important step towards a UK-wide plan to #preventACEs and reduce abuse, neglect and other key ACEs by 70% by 2030.