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70/30 Group Launches in Croydon

Croydon Group Coordinators, Sara Martínez and Anthoulla Koutsoudi from WAVE Trust held their first meeting for the launch of a local group in the area. The event took place on Wednesday 12th April at WAVE's Croydon-based office. The team celebrated a great turnout...

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We’re Launching a Local 70/30 Group in Croydon!

It's official and very, very exciting...we're setting up a 70/30 group in Croydon this April and we want you!  Let's make Croydon the best place to live for young families! We want the people of Croydon to join the fight to have a safer, happier place for our children...

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An insightful interview with leading addiction expert @DrGaborMate, who is a strong advocate for the argument that trauma is at the root of addiction #ACEs #trauma #traumainformed

“Trauma is a disorder of not being able to be in the here and now.”

I heard a survivor describe it last week as - I was never able to get my arse and my heed in the same place at the same time!

If we listen carefully we will hear people describe trauma in their own language.

Thank You Parker, Year 4 @actnforchildren How I wish love would get seen on the outside more often. All the time in fact. Adorable! @ACEAwareMCR @7030Campaign

This is really clever, have a look at the video in the link below. You can really see how this would help give social workers, teachers, police officers, etc an eye-opening insight into the lives of traumatised young children #ACEs #trauma #traumainformed

We now have a majority of cllrs in Southampton endorsing the @7030Campaign! Thank you to all those so far who have supported our goals - now what are the next steps towards a #traumainformed #ACE-aware Southampton?

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"43.9% reported they viewed their job as very or extremely stressful"

These and other stats in the article show there is a clear need for #traumainformed approaches to help police officers deal with secondary #trauma


There are no limits to what sectors and professions can benefit from trauma-informed approaches. Here's another example to add to the list - judges.

#ACEs #trauma #traumainformed #resilience

The story about a police department in the small Canadian town of Prince Albert who borrowed the "trauma-informed" Community Mobilisation concept from from police in Glasgow #ACEs #trauma #traumainformed

Have you got your ticket yet?
I am so looking forward to this!
#ACEAware #truamainformed #healingcentred #bethatperson
Have any policy makers booked to come?
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It is always helpful to hear the stories of what people take away when they learn about ACES. When explained with compassion & non-judgment, it creates light bulb moments for so many people. We are happy to help in creating platforms for people to tell their stories.

I had a conversation today that included this sentence : “Learning about ACES helped me realise that what happened to me wasn’t my fault.”

"Carers and parents who harm the children they are responsible for are betraying a trust and undermining our society. It is a wrong that we all know cries out for justice." @TomTugendhat

2nd reading is 15th March - ask your MP to put it in their diary!

Resilience is screening at Vue Piccadilly in London on 3rd April at 7pm. If you haven't seen it yet, please do - it's a brilliant, inspiring film! Also, why not invite your councillors, London Assembly member and MP to the screening? #ACEs #trauma

@kdenvir As you identified therein - 'be that person'. As an FE lecturer, I was blessed to work with many teens (many of whom were 'damaged' survivors). On my daily list was abundant hugs - which were never turned down. Connection is critical.