Lilly and the Song Jewel: A Therapeutic Story for Young Children

(by Jacqui Shankly, June 2017)

Meet Lilly. Lilly is an optimistic little Magpie who loses her most treasured possession. She tries many unsuccessful ways to get it back until she discovers an unusual way to find what she needs. Lilly and the Song Jewel is a Therapeutic Story for young children. Utilising the magic of metaphor, Therapeutic Stories access children’s inner emotional worlds and help them to gain a greater understanding of their emotions and to support them as they find solutions to their problems. All children will enjoy hearing about Lilly’s adventures, but it will have particular symbolic relevance for children who are: • coping with loss or abandonment • experiencing family separation • facing bullying • coping with bereavement communicating their inner hurt with negative behaviour.

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The author will donate £1 from the sale of each book to the 70/30 Campaign. 
Your purchase will raise funds to combat child abuse and neglect! 

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