Robot Meg:

She Lives In My Head

(by Vivien Sabel 2017)

Robot Meg is a fun, powerful and inspirational rhyming kid’s book for 5-11 year olds in full colour which can also be used as a superb tool to access the inner world of the child. The message…kindness conquers all.

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“I love this book! It’s a must read for all regardless of age. Educational settings, social and adoption services NEED this book. Its impactful messages and simplicity are truly brilliant. This is a life-changing book for anyone and everyone. YOU MUST add this to your book collection! I would love to see a TV show, a film and quite frankly anything Robot Meg!!”

“Great book as a storybook, but even better is the opening it gives children to think about the negative thoughts they might have and how to address them. Also gives parents the ideal opportunity to talk this through with their children. Much needed. Thank you to the author of this book”

“A superb book from an outstanding practitioner. Mental health is something which is all too often glossed over in schools, especially with younger children, and it is extremely heartening as a teacher to read such a warm, funny and accessible book, and will no doubt prove a valuable tool in raising awareness of mental illness, anxiety and our own pernicious, negative thoughts. My sincere hope is that this becomes essential reading for parents, educators and carers; it certainly should be!”

Vivien Sabel: Group Coordinator for Harrogate

Ambassador Since May 2017

“Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are insidious. I’m supporting this campaign in order to promote awareness of this and the costly impact of early experiences. I’m based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and I look forward to linking up with others in order to create positive change.”

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