On Saturday 25th March 70/30 Ambassador for Richmond, Daphne Cotton met local MP, Sarah Olney to discuss 70/30.

Daphne (left), along with her friend and Kingston Hospital Midwife, Chris Taylor (right) went along to speak with Sarah (centre) about the work they are doing within the Richmond area to promote the 70/30 Campaign in an effort to gain local support for primary prevention.

Sarah, who recently delivered an arousing speech in Parliament on International Women’s Day, commending the “everyday achievements of women“, described amongst others as giving birth and raising a child in the first stages of its life, expressed tremendous enthusiasm and support for the campaign and its goal.

Sarah now joins another 17 MPs across the country endorsing the 70/30 campaign and has committed to bringing the 70/30 agenda to her upcoming meeting with the new CEO of merged Richmond and Kingston CCG’s. She has also said that she is happy to support any future event Daphne and other ambassadors in the area might do locally.

Chris Taylor, with 30 years of experience as a midwife at Kingston Hospital, was a great addition to the meeting. She talked about how antenatal classes were abolished 10 years ago and some reinstated about 5 years ago but which must now be paid for. She runs a set of 3 classes (2 .5 hrs each) for which attendees must pay £150.

To see Sarah and all other endorsers of the 70/30 campaign visit https://www.70-30.org.uk/endorsements/Additionally, you can watch Sarah’s speech on International Women’s Day in its entirety by clicking here

To follow local 70/30 activity in the Richmond area and see how you can get involved, follow @daphnecotton26 on Twitter now. 

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