(From left to right): Graham Chalk (Head of film & media, BRIT School), Sam Sutherland (Year 13 FMP Student), George Hosking (CEO, WAVE Trust)

We had a brilliant time last week at The BRIT School in Croydon celebrating the wonderful work of their Year 13 FMP Student, Sam Sutherland who we awarded joint first prize for his short film entry in our 70/30 Short Film Contest 2018 (#7030ByMe). He was presented with his £500 cash prize in a larger-than-life cheque by CEO of WAVE Trust, George Hosking.

The BRIT School were also awarded their half of the £750 cash prize for the winning school! Head of film and media, Graham Chalk was there along with the Principal of the school to receive their part of the prize.

Fellow students and friends and family of Sam’s joined us to watch his film and celebrate his winnings – we had quite some fun with our new 70/30 Instagram frame too!

Sam’s work will undoubtedly help us spread the crucial message of preventing child maltreatment to many audiences across the UK, including the younger generation. We’re honoured to have had such high quality material produced on our behalf.

Congrats Sam – you did us and your school very proud!

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