70/30 Ambassador for Stevenage and Founder of Social Enterprise, Sarah Kingham has launched her newest social media campaign, #ThursdayThoughts.

Readit2 is a tried and tested one-to-one reading programme that improves the reading of two to five year-olds, enabling all children to enter school as reading equals. Readit2 trains adults to inspire children to love to read.

Sarah’s “Thought for Thursday” fun, bite-size videos offer parents and primary carers of a child an opportunity to reflect on how to best optimise their child’s learnings through the joyful activity of reading.

Watch Sarah’s videos every Thursday and get some wonderful tips and ideas on how to make reading lots of fun for your child! Make sure to show your support for her work by sharing the videos using #ThursdayThoughts.

You can watch Sarah’s videos and learn more about her work with Readit2 by following her on Twitter @Kingham4Sarah and on Facebook /readit2

Alternatively, if you would like to get involved with the 70/30 Campaign in Stevenage please contact Sarah directly via her Twitter or Facebook channels.


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