70/30 Ambassadors for Richmond, Daphne Cotton,  Amy Dobson and Wendy Gilley met with local MP, Sir Vince Cable to discuss the 70/30 Campaign and the importance of making primary prevention a priority for their community.

The ambassadors met Vince during a regular constituency surgery in Twickenham so time was limited, but all agreed that it had been a very positive first meeting.  Vince readily embraced the thrust of the campaign and did not hesitate when asked for his endorsement.  He seemed keen to help in any way he could, but reminded the group that the Liberal Democrats were unlikely to be in power for another 5 years!

He suggested other people in the party that 70/30 might like to engage with, such as Norman Lamb, the Lib Dem Health spokesman, (already a supporter) and Layla Moran, recently elected to Oxford West and Abingdon and a vociferous campaigner on education. He showed a keen interest in the pack prepared for his perusal and had a flick through during the meeting. 

The statistics for Richmond caught his attention, for example, “. . . the highest percentage of 15 year olds engaging in 3 or more risky behaviours in the UK (21.5%) . . . prevalence of smoking among 15 year olds more than twice the London average . . . 55% of 15 year olds reported being bullied in the previous 2 months, the highest proportion in London . . . a quarter of women in the borough will suffer domestic and sexual abuse from the age of 16 . . .

So engrossed in discussion were they all that the all important photo shoot was forgotten! However, Vince kindly agreed to face the camera a week later.  When asked if he had had a chance to look through the pack, he replied that he had been impressed by the Building Great Britons report and had already sent questions off to his Westminster team.

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