“I wake up early every day…

…open my bedroom window and breath in the beautiful Devon air. My son joins me and mimics my actions. The next 10 minutes is spent copying each other’s exaggerated breathing in.”

We make a drink and read his favourite book, ‘The Tiger who came to tea‘.

Image result for the tiger who came to teaWe have the words perfect. It doesn’t matter that it’s our millionth time reading it or that we know each and every word, it’s the fact we are doing this together. Noah likes to reminds me if I haven’t done the right voice and we laugh about it together. This paves the way our day will manifest.

Its times like these that, as a Father I realise how precious these moments are and how, there is no Brexit, no bombings no violence and anger no elections.

We read and dance, make silly singing videos. We invent games that normally means one of us hiding and the other making a dinosaur sound.

All very different from when I was a child and arguments and drinking ..hiding for the wrong reasons.

So involving myself with WAVE Trust and becoming an Ambassador for their 70/30 campaign in 2016 just confirmed that if every person did a little bit of something that stops child abuse from ever happening then there will be more children enjoying these precious moments with their parents.

It hasn’t always been easy with the campaign and if I said I have spoken to 500 people of which 10 have done something to promote the campaign, then that leaves 490 people who could have done something but chose not to for one reason or another.

My proudest moment was talking at the House of Lords in London and about my own childhood experiences and it was at that very moment, as I wiped my own tear, I really felt I was a part of something big; a movement that is going to change the lives of many, many people.

I campaign alongside people who don’t get paid and choose to make a small difference to a very big problem.

“1 in 5 children are still being maltreated in this country alone”

It breaks my heart, but through the campaigners I work alongside and the great team at head office our vision is becoming a reality. My plan for the future is to talk to the other 490 who didn’t have time or were busy with other things and see if I can invite them to hear my words.

As this week is #VolunteersWeek2017,  I ask you to take 5 mins out of your day to check out the 70/30 Campaign on Facebook (www.70-30.org.uk).

And don’t be a part of the 490 people who didn’t have time to listen. Instead, be a part of the 10 who are doing something to make a change for our children and theirs.

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