Founder and CEO of the WAVE Trust charity, George Hosking recently presented at the Scottish Conflict Resolution Centre‘s conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The national, annual conference which took place in February this year had as its main topic of discussion, ‘transforming conflict – nurturing human relationships’. 

An economist, psychologist and clinical criminologist George Hosking founded WAVE Trust in 1996 to bring a business strategy approach to the challenge of reducing violence and child abuse. He has since been an advisor to the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments.

George’s presentation on the day largely focused on the importance of early years, and in particular the receiving of empathy and nurture during one’s childhood, in influencing the quality of human relationships a child goes on to have in later life.

You can see the full video of the presentation at

For more information on the work of SCCR, visit their website and follow them on Twitter @SCCRCentre

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