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The 70/30 Network campaigns to empower communities across the UK to protect our children from abuse and neglect. Our volunteers play a crucial role in making this happen. We couldn’t do it without the help of our most dedicated campaigners – our 70/30 Ambassadors.

What you’ll do as a 70/30 Ambassador

You’ll join a group of enthusiastic and motivated people from your local area to make some big changes in your community. As a 70/30 Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to gain new skills, meet new people and take part in a range of activities such as:

Writing to and meeting local MPs, councillors, Mayors and other key political figures in your community.

Engaging with local press and writing articles in newspapers to raise awareness, spread the message and gain 70/30 supporters.

Speaking to community groups, faith groups, charities, schools, friends, neighbours and colleagues through activities such as street stalls, fairs and workshops to spread awareness of 70/30 and draw in new group members.

Meeting with local service providers to create local 70/30 Champions.

Promoting 70/30 actions and successes online through social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

What else you need to know

Ambassadors are invited to take part in 4 online training sessions with a member of the team as part of their induction process. Additionally, all Ambassadors are expected to attend a monthly national conference call on the first Tuesday of each month.

The rest of the time the role is completely flexible to fit around your current commitments. It could be that you take 20 minutes to write a letter to your local MP,  a few hours to prep and attend a meeting with your MP in your local constituency, or if you find yourself really short for time, just 2 minutes to tweet a campaign update!

There is a wide range of activities to suit everyone. Don’t feel confident speaking to politicians? Absolutely fine – why not take on the social media activity? Not familiar with a tweet? Not a problem, someone in the group will be! Take on the local press instead! It is up to you, within your group, to decide roles and responsibilities for each ambassador. Find a role that suits you!

Training and Support

You don’t need to have any experience in campaigning to become a 70/30 ambassador. We have a wealth of support and training available for any volunteer who joins us, including online training sessions, regular one-to-ones, monthly network calls, a range of resources and materials and much more. There is also a dedicated team at WAVE Head Office who are there to provide you with all the support you need along the way. All we ask is that you are passionate, motivated and committed to making a real impact in your local area!

Get Inspired

Our volunteers play a crucial role in the 70/30 campaign and help us to ensure that 70/30 – a reduction of 70% in child abuse and neglect by 2030 – becomes a reality. In other words, they’re awesome!

Read some of their stories to find out why they got involved and learn how they’re finding their time as a 70/30 Ambassador.

How to Apply

To become a 70/30 Ambassador you need to be passionate about the network’s work and prepared to commit a small amount of your time. You also need to have a UK postal address. Become a 70/30 Ambassador today and help us make the UK a better place for its children.

To get started, please complete our online form below. Somebody from the 70/30 team at WAVE will be in touch with you shortly.

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